Tangerine diet: orange mood

Tangerine diet: orange mood
 Mandarin - is a citrus fruit, which in addition to vitamin C, contain folic acid, necessary for the nervous system, magnesium and potassium - for the heart, vitamin B - for immunity and a variety of trace elements for high spirits and good general health. Therefore, to lose weight on a diet tangerine - simple and useful.
 Tangerine diet is based on the improvement of metabolic processes. Due to the large amount of trace elements and acids in the body to digest food faster. A complex of vitamins immunity helps fight harmful microorganisms, it is virtually impossible for any other diets.

At breakfast, a cup of coffee or a natural green tea. To provide the brain with glucose and cheerfulness in the selected drink can not add more than one teaspoon of sugar.

In tangerine diet provided and lunch. At 10-11 am to eat four average tangerine and only one egg to be cooked hard boiled. Drinking at the time of coffee or tea is not recommended.

At lunchtime you must eat a piece of boiled beef or lean beef. The total quantity of meat - are not more than 150 grams. In addition, you can eat 300 grams of sauerkraut or salad made from this fresh vegetables. Salad can be a little salt the, but the meat should cook without salt. Naturally, seasonings, sauces or butter in a salad can not be added.

At lunch you can eat four small mandarin and egg, which is recommended to cook hard-boiled. With a strong desire can drink a glass of water, but in Mandarin enough fiber, which will provide the body with the necessary fluid, and thus should refrain from drinks throughout the day, except for breakfast.

Dinner in a tangerine diet and more like a hearty lunch. You need to eat 150 grams of meat or chicken diet, as well as 300 grams of coleslaw. Diversify dinner one tangerine. This amount of food is enough to safely survive the evening and night, without suffering from hunger.

With strict compliance with the recommendations in three days tangerine diet you can lose up to 5 pounds of extra fat. After a three-day dietary definitely need to take a break every two weeks. You should not stick to this diet if you are suffering from diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, as well as allergic reactions to citrus fruits. For all other people tangerine diet has no contraindications.

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