Rice-component diet Kempner

Rice-component diet Kempner
 A strict diet is used to treat high blood pressure, kidney problems and blood vessels, as it allows to clean vessels and tissues of toxins and atherosclerotic plaques. Kempner diet is low calorie and successfully used for weight loss.
 Stiffness in her diet is calorie - allowed to use no more than 1200 calories a day, so doctors do not recommend it to comply with more than 5 days. The main diet - rice porridge on the water and a compote of dried or fresh fruit. Need to eat twice (morning and evening), eating a day's supply of food - rice (50 grams), sugar (100 grams), fruit (fresh - 1, 5 kg, dry - 240 g), water (1, 5 liters). Nothing, except the designated products, can not eat more.

Rice should be cooked without spices, salt or sugar - just cereal and water. The thus prepared rice absorbs excess liquid and salt promotes their excretion. Cook stewed fruit with no added sugar - dried apples, prunes, pears, raisins turn out sweet, nutritious drink. If you cook with fresh fruit compote, it is permissible to use a specified amount of sugar. Water should drink purified or mineral, but no gas.

Number cooked compote spread for a day - should have about six cups, while taking into account that you will drink rice twice a day.

Diet for Kempner is recognized as one of the most radical, so the time of compliance should be limited to physical activity - cancel the training, as intense stress can adversely affect the body. Itself is a kind of diet is rice monodiets with relief in the form of a permit for the use of fruit, so it carries a little easier basic diet. Dried fruits are rich in potassium, so the diet is recommended for people who have problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Rice-effectiveness component Kempner diet - loss 2-3 pounds overweight for 5 days. Should not adopt this method of power longer than the recommended period, as this can affect the health. For those who find it difficult to sustain rice-diet component in its standard version, it is possible to make an exception in the form of adding a portion of the vegetable or fruit salad with lemon juice. If you keep 5 days of such a diet is hard for you, then use the menu Kempner diet for fasting days - only rice and compote.

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