How to choose the scales?

How to choose the scales?
 Libra has a home in every woman, because it is so important to ladies watch her figure. Each kilogram dialed brings girls a lot of unpleasant emotions. It is therefore important to choose such a scale that will reliably reflect the information regularly work will be beautiful and comfortable to use.

To date, the market offers thousands of models and brands of scales. Before you buy, you must decide what you want to buy scales, electronic or mechanical, and in what price range. Mechanical scales suitable for those who are not so carefully watching their weight. Since they accurately reflect the total weight in kilograms and grams and milligrams here to calculate them difficult. In general, buyers of such mechanical models are men and students. Are usually inexpensive, 300-600 rubles.

The ladies mechanical scales are no longer satisfied. Indeed, in a slim figure every extra gram counts. Therefore, the majority of women's views lie on the electronic models.

Electronic scales work on the same principle as the mechanical, but the weight is recorded until milligrams on the electronic display. Manufacturers of electronic models do not stand still, now you can buy scales that measure not only weight, but also the amount of fat and water in the body. So if you care about these figures, ask the sales assistant that he once showed you the brand balance with features. Technology that balance determines the ratio of fat and water in the body, called bioelectric analysis. Be prepared for the fact that the cost of such models will exceed 3000 rubles and reach 15-20 thousand.

If you are not important, such accurate readings, choose a simpler model. You can pick up electronic scales with storage function and compare the results of measuring the weight. As a rule, electronic displays have a watch and you can set the date. For the most part they work from one penlight batteries, and the cost ranges from 1, 5 to 2, 5 thousand rubles.

In addition to electronic scales that run on batteries, there are solar, powered by sunlight, so in the dark bathroom to use them would be impossible. Price from 1 thousand to 1, 5000.

At all scales have the measurement error and the maximum weight. Therefore, before you buy, check with seller this time. The error may be from a few grams to 500 grams, of course, less than the error, the better.

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