How to choose an effective diet and keep health

How to choose an effective diet and keep health
 A wrong diet can greatly undermine health. And if because of dietary restrictions you fall or are cut hair, exfoliate and break your nails, it is not the worst. Diet can disrupt metabolism, to earn gastritis or ulcer and other diseases.
 That after the diet had no unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to choose the right. Immediately discard all quick options - they have too many minuses. They bring only temporary results. After the diet the body intimidated by starvation, he starts to lay in store almost all the calories received by the body. More on them very hard to sit, it's almost a hunger strike. Well, if you follow a strict diet long enough, you will begin to appear health problems.

Choose a diet where you can eat a variety of foods. In the daily diet must necessarily include lean meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products. If you use only one or two products, it will affect your health.

Pick option that can be used an unlimited number of mineral water or green tea. Try to drink plenty of fluids, it will help normalize the metabolism.

If during the diet you lose more than three pounds per week, the body perceives it as stress. As a result, various problems can begin. Therefore, an effective and safe diet should help you get rid of 1-3 kg per week. Then you will be able to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Be sure to choose a diet that consists of your favorite products. Or at least of those that do not cause you dislike. It is important during the dietary restrictions maintain a good mood. Depression and negativity should not be.

Better to choose a diet that will be created specifically for you, based on your lifestyle, the number of calories consumed per day, preferences and wishes. You can also coordinate meals to suit your blood group.

It is best to focus on ways in which you can eat small, frequent meals. Then you will not have a strong hunger. Do not try to understand the variety of diets by trial and error. Wrong decision can cost you a beauty or health.

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