Diet Angelina Jolie

Diet Angelina Jolie
 What have in common Vera Brezhnev and Anna Pletnev with Angelina Jolie - one of the sexiest women in the world? Rumor has it that they are complying with the same diet, which is why they are able to be in a perfect shape.

Looking at photos of beautiful women on the covers of popular magazines, many are asking themselves the same question: "What is the diet of Angelina Jolie? "But precisely because of this diet film star managed in record time to get rid of extra pounds she gained during pregnancy.

The secret lies not only in food, but in the exercise program, followed by Angelina for several years, spending many hours in the gym.

So, the main points of her diet:
- Angelina eating six times daily, approximately every three hours;
- An abundance of vegetables, fresh fruits, soy products;
- Use only organic products;
- Large quantities of water and green tea;
- The use of biologically valuable proteins;
- Completely avoids red meat;
- The refusal of white flour and sugar;
- Loves sushi, fish - especially salmon, green salads, giving preference to large broccoli, which is rich in antioxidants and helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

One of the options for its menu is as follows.
Breakfast. A large portion of fruit salad with fresh fruit (mango, kiwi, pineapple, orange and other, except banana and strawberries).
Lunch Time.
Option 1: grilled salmon without salt, mainly with broccoli or other green salad with a spoon of olive oil.
Option 2: A small piece of sushi (in fruit plate).
Between-meal staple food is allowed to drink green tea without sugar (up to three glasses a day) and eat some nuts. If not possible to withstand hunger, allowed to eat one small cucumber or carrot.
Dinner. Chicken or fish for a couple with a salad to taste.

Naturally, the menu is varied infinitely, but in any case not beyond the basic rule: a sufficiently large intake of protein of high biological value, but low in fat and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Do not forget another important detail - is not allowed to eat in between, except for the above options, and you can not eat after 7 pm.

If you can stick to the proposed diet, you can look as beautiful as Angelina. To feel good at the same time, keep your appetite "in hand" and do not look at the rolls of white dough.

To enhance the result of loans in any sport, and then you will have a marvelous figure, like Adzheliny Jolie.

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