21 way to prevent winter weight gain

 It is natural that during the winter we gain weight. There are 21 way as to avoid it.

1. Lean on soup
A bowl of soup at lunch will help you stay slim. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that women who eat the soup at lunch on the first, soaking in a meal for 100 calories less and do not compensate by eating more during the day. It is believed that the water contained in food, as opposed to the one we just drink contributes to a slower emptying of the stomach, so the feeling of satiety lasts longer, given that fewer calories. Give preference to low-calorie soups - vegetable, tomato or carrot - to maximize the positive effects.

2. To provide yourself slim
Every time you want to treat yourself to something harmful, pofantaziruy five minutes about how you want to look and feel by the end of winter. Sit back, close your eyes and imagine that you are watching a video, where you look great on a warm spring day, after all the winter to eat right. Look what you're skinny and beautiful t-shirt and shorts, as you self-confident and full of energy. Fix this image and get back to it whenever you begin an irresistible lure a huge bar of chocolate.

3. Write down
During the cold months, we often turn to food for warmth or because they feel tired, or we think we deserve something tasty, struggling with severe weather conditions. Therefore, lead the diary write down there, why and what you ate. Once you begin to recognize those cases where you eat for a sense of comfort, you will be able to find some substitute for food. Maybe you will approach your loved one a hug, a good song, a nice bath or a telephone conversation with a friend.

4. Go to your dinner for a walk
We feel sadness, not only because of the cold weather - lack of light also can spoil the mood. Daylight contributes to the formation of serotonin in the brain, which contributes to the feeling of happiness and peace. Unfortunately, the lack of light in winter reduces the levels of serotonin, causing fatigue and increased appetite, due to which we are fits of gluttony. A 15-minute walk will get a dose of natural light to enhance the level of serotonin, in addition, you at this time you train calf muscles and burn 70 calories.

5. Choose your favorite winter dishes
Make a list of foods that you most want in a period of hibernation. Then try to enter them into your normal diet rather than have it in addition to the main meals. Do not be surprised if you have half of you had different favorite dishes. Researchers from the University of Illinois found that men prefer mashed potatoes, pasta and soups, and women - candies and chocolates.

6. Choose "good" carbohydrates
Not surprisingly, the people sitting on the Atkins diet, depressed. Carbohydrates help produce serotonin, promotes a sense of happiness, causing release of insulin. This in turn helps the penetration of the amino acid tryptophan in the brain, where serotonin is produced. The trick is to replace the "sugar" carbohydrates, such as cookies and white bread, bread made from wheat flour and products made from whole grains.

7. Throw a pizza delivery ads
Do you know why the winter you find in your mailbox more advertising delivery food than usual? It is simply a local pizzeria know that you are more likely to order a takeaway, when the window is damp, dark, cold, and you do not want to go to the supermarket. Throw away the leaflets as soon as they get into your mailbox, and you will have fewer opportunities to use them.

8. Take it easy with coffee
Try to resist the temptation to keep warm cup of coffee with milk, cappuccino or hot chocolate. A large portion of latte with whole milk contains 265 calories. Cappuccino little better - 153 calories. But the chocolate with whipped cream comes in first place with 448 calories. But the weight you have amassed even not because of those calories. Studies show that excess caffeine causes the body to store fat. Warms better grass, fruit or green tea - there is no calories, no caffeine.

9. Borrow the hands of business
Find a new hobby for winter evenings in front of the TV. Knitting, cross stitching, crossword puzzles and puzzles - all this helps to keep your hands busy and does not allow them to reach for a vase with cookies.

10. Learn to dance
Dark nights do not want to go out, so to exercise indoors. Thanks to dancing lessons you will be able to stay in shape, have fun and burn calories - one hour of salsa burns 380 calories, and ballroom dancing - 350.

11. Wear bright
You may want to spend winter evenings and weekends, curled up in a chair and dressed in slacks and a baggy sweater, but you will not notice that gaining weight. Continue to wear tight clothes, and she quickly let you know if you will get additional centimeters.

12. restock protein
Eating foods rich in tryptophan - the building blocks of protein - help to cope with bouts of famine caused by psychological reasons. The more in our diet products containing tryptophan, the more serotonin is produced and the better we feel. A rich source of tryptophan are red, lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and grains.

13. Make your favorite dishes helpful
Learn to cook their favorite dishes in a new way to reduce the content of fat and calories. Use products that are low in fat, bread from wheat flour.

14. Eat more orange
According to experts on color therapy, orange elevates mood and gives us energy. If you have on your plate be something orange, more likely that you will feel a surge of strength and you do not want to load up to feel better. Fortunately, most of the products are low-calorie orange. Remember oranges, tangerines, carrots, turnips, baked beans, bell pepper, mango, apricots.

15. warms exercise
Do not include additional home Local heating - try to keep warm in other ways. Buy or take friends DVD with exercises and occupy them. Or play with the children in a mobile game - so you get warm, fun and will burn some calories, instead of grumbling about the cold.

16. Turn to the plans for the summer
Rather than indulge in the winter gloom, gave thinking about plans for next summer. Dial booklets Explore the Internet, attach to the refrigerator door a photograph from last vacation. Once the right choice, go do something that will help you get the selected holiday even more fun. For example, if you are planning to go to France, start taking French lessons, gathered in the Caribbean - go diving at the local pool, you'll go to Spain - Learn to dance flamenco.

17. More pepper!
Giving preference to the acute food, such as Mexican and Indian cuisine, you warms and burns fat. Studies have shown that chili 50% increase in heart rate and metabolism within three hours after a meal. What's even better: these many dishes you do not eat, and your taste buds will be satisfied more quickly.

18. Make love
Do not put off sex for the weekend. Passionate embrace release happy hormones endorphins, and happier than we are, the less we have reason to seek solace in food. In addition, if you both try, with sex for 20 minutes burns 140 calories.

19. More sleep
Take advantage of additional hours of darkness, to spend time in dreamland. Scientists say that chronic sleep deprivation leads to weight gain and increased sleep time, you can lose weight. According to scientists, lack of sleep increases levels of hormones that affect appetite, due to which we can improve. In addition, the more we sleep, the less time is spent in the company of a vase with biscuits.

20. Get plenty of fluids
In winter, when outside is cold, it is easy to forget to drink water. However, heated offices, houses and shops still make us sweat and lose fluid from the body. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger and eat when in fact need to drink. To prevent this, drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

21. Start cooking
Take advantage of winter evenings for culinary experiments using more healthy ingredients. Among other things, cutting food and running the kitchen, which is associated with the process of cooking, helping to burn about 120 calories per half hour.


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