Sugar Diet: effective weight loss

Sugar Diet: effective weight loss
 The desire to lose weight leads to sit on different diets. One of them - sugar diet. Despite its enticing name, this version of "unloading of the body" is considered one of the most effective and hard.
 When sugar diet is permitted at regular intervals to drink no more than six cups of sweet weak tea (one per six teaspoons of sugar per 250 milliliters of water) and 2 liters of mineral water. Due to the fact that during this period of time the body is not getting fat and protein, kidneys and liver can make a little breather. That's why sugar diet is especially useful for those who suffer from chronic diseases of the internal organs and the pancreas.

Efficiency of sugar diet is very high: even if other methods of weight loss have not yielded the desired results, this option will certainly help move froze arrow weights. An additional bonus of sugar diet - cleaning the body from harmful substances that appear together with the liquid.

This method of cleansing and weight loss is recommended to use no more than once a month (that's assuming that the diet lasts only one day). If the duration of a sugar diet is two or three days, it is recommended to carry out every two or three months, because the stress is too large for the body.

Out of the diet must be carefully: do not immediately go for pies, kebabs or other favorite dishes. For the last cleaning of the body such load is excessive.

Diet after sugar diet should consist of a small amount of fruit and seasoned with lemon juice, vegetable salads (not savory). Then you can supplement it with porridge on the water. It is possible to return to a normal diet only in the second or third day after "downloading", but at the same time at first to avoid spices, smoked, spicy and salty.

Because sugar diet - a jolt to the body, before you sit on it, it is advisable to consult a doctor, especially for people with chronic diseases. In addition, this method of cleaning the body and weight loss is strictly prohibited persons predisposed to diabetes and gipotonikam.

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