Sugar Diet: slimming sweets

Sugar Diet: slimming sweets
 Sugar diet - a system of power, but not developed taking into account the preferences sweet tooth, but quite the contrary. In fact, the basis of this diet is the same principle of abstinence. Even the use of a minimum amount of chocolate, fruit jellies, marshmallows, jams, cakes, etc. during this diet can cause great damage to the figure. About any candy can not speak, slimming diet of the variety of desserts should include only lightly sweetened tea, five cups a day with the addition of a single piece of refined sugar in each.
 Sugar diet - a traditional unloading diet, but it allows you not only to cleanse the body and lose weight. Its purpose is recovery of the liver and kidneys. But if you have a chronic disease, any health problems before changing diet, consult a physician. In addition, the doctor will tell you how to better balance the diet. Sugar diet used for weight loss and recovery of health of patients suffering from hepatitis, diabetes, cholecystitis, kidney and liver failure, and so on. D. This technique, despite its "sweet" name, severely restricts the consumption of sugar.

Foods that are recommended to use, keeping sugar diet:

• All kinds of fruit, except for dense. Banned figs, bananas, grapes.
• Any raw and cooked vegetables. Better if it will be tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, pumpkin, lettuce, carrots and beets.
• A large number of greens: parsley, onion, dill.

Why diet called sugar, sugar-containing products if it does not allow to use? Because the only "sweetener" your weight loss will be the sugar, which still can be used, but in small quantities - five times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating. It is not in pure form, dissolved in a cup of green tea. This amount of sugar will give the body the right amount of carbohydrates to maintain a normal life.

All products should be allowed to use not less than 5 times a day, but only separately without mixing and exclusively in small quantities. Count calories, the day of their amount should not exceed 1000 kcal.

Resorting to a sugar diet, do not forget about the water. In the day drink at least 1-2 liters of pure non-carbonated water. But do not wash down with water food, Quench your thirst only after 1-2 hours before or after a meal.

The term of the sugar diets man determines for himself, but nutritionists do not recommend following this discharge power systems for more than 5 days. During this time, you can lose 3-4 kg.

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