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 What does it mean trendy diet? How certain diets become fashionable? Is it possible to draw a parallel between the concepts of fad diets and diet effective? Women's magazine JustLady did some research on this topic and offers to see the results.

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The term "fashion" means "way, way, usually." The concept of "fashionable", on the basis of this definition, can be understood as corresponding to this point, the most popular here and now. How does the concept of "fashion" can be attributed to diet?

Fashion, as we know, the lady changeable, never stands still. Changing tastes and preferences, life and way of thinking, are replaced seasons, finally, all of this raises a wave of popularity of something new or well forgotten. Fashion form also people known public figures who sought to emulate the rest of humanity. It is thanks to them first becoming popular, we are considering the categories of diets.

Trendy diets stars

This category is perhaps the most diverse and rapidly changing. Looking for Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Larisa Dolina fans of their talent believe that if follow the advice on nutrition from these stars, will look almost exactly as they are. None of the accidents fatties do not pay attention to the "small" detail - "diet" stars in the vast majority are very strict. Stars live for their work and are willing to sacrifice a lot for his career, to keep in shape, they are even ready to risk health.

Such diets are kept at the peak of popularity, until they were replaced by others will not, on the other "stars", no less attractive and famous. And while the majority of those who sit on the "star" diets immediately run across to the other camp, sitting on a diet Ksenia Borodina and Kelly Osbourne.

Trendy diets

As practice shows, such diets are ineffective for ordinary people. Many do not have enough willpower and endurance to observe a number of restrictions. Besides followerstrendy diets from the "stars" must understand that these "stars" are busy schedule, are very active lifestyle that helps them lose weight so quickly. Lying on the couch, these results difficult to achieve and sustain the almost impossible.

Fashion vegetable and fruit diet

These diets are becoming popular, when the season comes. Winter weakened body instinctively "throws" to the sources of vitamins. By the summer of popularity of such diets increases with the number of those who want to look decent on the beach, and, of course, increasing the range of available fruits and vegetables.

Such diets are generally too are classified as hard mono-diet. But I think if you are one of those people who in the heat can not even think of something to chew on, such a diet you fit.

But do not forget about the dangers of such diets. Fruits and vegetables that make up such a diettrendy diets better change regularly and take appropriate breaks during which you need to eat normally, except that reducing portions. Thus, we can maintain a good shape all summer and winter comes a time othertrendy diets.

Hard short trendy diets

As our small study, such diets ascend to the rank of fashion mainly before the holidays. Especially heavy at times for veterans dietary battles becomes New Year's Eve. Usually beautiful half of humanity recalls about a week before "hours H", and in most cases no more than 3-4 days.

Here then begin a search for "lose weight for 1-3 days at 10 pounds." The thing is absolutely hopeless to lose that amount of weight in a short period is not possible, except fasting. But this does not deter those wishing to dress in fashionable cloth, they are spoiling for a fight and bravely endure the hardships of short diets.

The effectiveness of such diets do not even want to discuss it. Nobody in their right mind expects to maintain the results achieved, the main thing - seem two minutes to midnight in all its glory, and then - could not care less!

I think, if you follow this fashion every year, nothing terrible will happen, but if you sit on such a diet for a long time, literally from the holiday before the holiday, as a result there is a risk to go to special medical diets.

Those who have long been involved in pohudatelnye race, tried all the options for fast diets, and maybe make a few sores, come, finally, to the logical conclusion: to keep in shape short diets do not work, it requires a special power supply system.

The power supply system

Katie Mirimanova Diet, Diet Dr. Bormentalja, Montignac Diet - all systems designed essentially for life. These three ways listed power, according to the fullness of the forums are fashionable, despite his advanced age. What is the reason for their success?

The fact that these systems are one important factor: losing weight is allowed to consume virtually all! There are of course limitations of another plan: sometimes it's hard timelines, sometimes calorie restriction. But losing weight each person knows for sure: it will be allowed every day to eat something so that other diet strictly prohibited, you only need to follow the rules.

After all, most people do not get fat because of the fact that a lot of eating, but because it has an attachment to certain foods and diets strictly prohibit them, as opposed totrendy diets-systems. I think if keep weight in other ways is not possible, then the best solution will be just such a fashion diet. Another thing is that sooner or later you still bored.

Other trendy diets

Under this category refers to a diet that became fashionable for two simple reasons: they are simple and quite effective. Consider, for example, teeth on edge Kremlin diet. If you ask doctors, they will tell you that it is extremely dangerous diet. But ... it is quite simple: Know yourself eat, but points are calculated, and is quite effective: it really shed excess weight.

However, the restriction of carbohydrates - not the safest way to lose weight. Those that are familiar with the system Atkins and not too lazy to read his book, you know how many vitamins and supplements recommended by the author to take simultaneously with diet. On the little things we usually do not pay attention, and then earn severe visual disturbances, arthritis and other diseases that provokes the lack of carbohydrates.

The same can be said about most of the other simple and effective diets. So what to do? Where to find a diet safe, effective and simple?

Today, the nation's health is discussed at the governmental level. TV shows scold fast food and obesity scare general, sport is becoming very fashionable pastime. Perhaps it is now the fashion is born on one of the most healthy and effective diets: Sports and rational balanced diet. And if so, I want to express my hope that thisdiet will be the mostfashionWill have a lot of followers, and will never disappear from the popularity ratings.

Alexander Panyutin
Women's magazine JustLady

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