Potato diet for weight loss

Potato diet for weight loss
 From a huge variety of existing diets can be identified is interesting and effective potato diet allows you to lose up to two pounds of excess weight in a week.
 Potato diet menu for the week:

First day:

Breakfast: a glass of fresh skim milk.
Lunch: 300 g of mashed potatoes without butter and salt.
Dinner: potato salad with a small amount of vinegar and pepper.

Second day:

Breakfast: a cup of low-fat yogurt, a slice of black bread.
Lunch: soup with potatoes and chicken breast.
Dinner: five medium potatoes, cooked in their skins with vegetables.

Third day:

Breakfast: a glass of mineral water with dietary loaves.
Lunch: boiled potatoes with sauteed mushrooms and herbs.
Dinner: boiled egg, potato gratin.

Fourth day:

Breakfast: a glass of freshly squeezed juice, dumplings with potatoes, 200g.
Lunch: vegetarian soup with potatoes.
Dinner: salad of boiled potatoes, green peas and eggs, flavored yogurt, tea.

Fifth day:

Breakfast: a cup of green tea with lemon, steam crackers.
Lunch: potato dumplings, braised with tomato and pepper cabbage.
Dinner: boiled egg, five baked potatoes, vegetable salad with a spoon of vegetable oil.

Sixth day:

Breakfast: a cup of yogurt, 3-4 oatmeal cookies.
Lunch: potato soup with lean beef, potato pancakes.
Dinner: salad of boiled potatoes and seafood.

Seventh day:

Breakfast: a cup of green tea with lemon, diet bread.
Lunch: mashed potatoes with low-fat boiled or baked fish.
Dinner: vegetable salad with potatoes and herbs.

This diet is designed to reduce the number of calories consumed with food and basic needs for vitamins and other nutrients the human body.

There is a great multitude of other diets which are based on potatoes. Such diet menus are popular due to their easy portability body (potato - nutritious food) and high efficiency.

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