Lose weight: bath procedures

Lose weight: bath procedures
 If you want to lose weight and still have tremendous health benefits, pay attention to the Russian bath. Of course, the fat folds of steam and water is not going away; in the bath, you only lose the pot. Here in this lies the main secret of this procedure: with then leaves plenty of harmful substances that hinder the work of the body; expands and purifies the vessels; normal metabolism. All this contributes to weight loss.
 But deciding to go to the sauna to lose weight, you should make sure that you do this procedure is not contraindicated. From visiting the pair should give people who have exacerbated any illness, and especially if there is fever, as well as diseases of the circulatory system.

If you do not have contraindications, then a visit to the sauna is not only possible, but even necessary, because simultaneously with weight loss and the removal of toxins from the body, you can improve the condition of the respiratory and tidy up the nervous system. Therefore, tune in to the bath. Move aside all earthly things, turn off cell phones and get ready for the holidays and excellent relaxation.

Start with wash under a warm shower to warm up. It is better not to use soap and water, then to not dry up the skin under the hot air. Dry your entire body, wear a felt hat and go to the steam room. First heat the skin, after sitting a little on the bottom shelf, and then lay down on the bench, relax and breathe evenly. If you had never in the bath were not, for the first time and not be carried away. Stay for 5-7 minutes and leave.

In no case do not sit "until victory" - a bath not a marathon, you have come here not to write to the Guinness Book of Records. If your health is normal, it is better to make some short-term visits to the steam room. Do not forget all the time to monitor their health, if not good will feel, get out immediately.

In between calls in a steam room, you should try not to lose its heat directly, so cover up a sheet or a large towel and relax. If you dive into the cool water, the desired slimming effect does not reach, because stop sweating and, in addition, you can catch a cold.

Beginners in the sauna actually do not just make a lot of calls to the guy - and a couple of times enough, but experienced people with good health and can afford five visits.

Good effect slimming give "salt sweating" - when you entire body rubs salt or a mixture of salt and honey. As good diaphoretic effect you can get drunk in front of the pair of tea with honey or raspberry jam and raspberry extracts (leaves or dried fruits) or peppermint.

Radical means, allowing to quickly drive away the weight of the body is and rubbing alcohol strength of 76 degrees. This is done directly in the steam room, warmed to body. In this case, you can even lose up to 3 kg. But often this process can be used.

Can also produce anti-cellulite body wrap clay or mud from the pharmacy.

About 20 minutes after the last call to the pair put on the entire body moisturizer or oil. You can also use gel or cream for weight loss.

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