How to keep the weight

How to keep the weight
 To achieve the desired weight through diet and exercise - it is only half the battle. The most difficult thing is to keep the arrow on the scale sacred figure. How to achieve this?  
 Perhaps the most important rule is to avoid eating after 18 hours. If you wish, you can drink green and herbal teas, but without sugar. Usually after 30 years metabolism is somewhat reduced, and all the excesses that you allow yourself at night, leading to the deposition of fat around the waist.

Go to bed on time. According to scientists, lack of sleep, especially chronic, contributes to weight gain.

Limit the amount of fat consumed. Scientists have found that the body's ability to oxidize fat is not limitless. The amount that a human body can process individually. The average is 30-40 g per day. All that is consumed in excess of this, is deposited in fat depots as an energy reserve. Thus, choosing the products in the store pay attention to their fat content. For example, buy low-fat dairy products, lean meat. From sweets better to give preference marshmallows and jellies, which do not contain fat.

You should not just abandon the use of certain products. Just remember that all the sweet, fat, flour can be eaten for breakfast only.

Eat enough protein. This will help you maintain muscle mass and maintain a high level of metabolism.

At day drink at least two liters of water. Water is involved in all metabolic processes occurring in the body. To thus not washed out from the body it needs salt, after each drinking a glass of water absorbed in the language of a few crystals of large marine food salt. If you are preparing yourself for water to drink beforehand, the salt can be dissolved in it at the rate of 1/4 teaspoon per 1 liter. Note taste such water is not salty.

Finally, keep an active lifestyle. Select the suitable set of exercises that will be performed every day. Such exercises are well supplemented pleasant pastime for you sports 1-2 times a week, skiing, running, cycling.

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