How to determine the optimal weight

How to determine the optimal weight
 Most often women, examining with a critical eye the figure in the mirror, come to the conclusion that they are far from ideal parameters received in the world of fashion and show business. And then the course is math: Seeking a formula to determine your ideal weight and feverishly counted calories eaten. How can we know whether to lose weight, and how much gain extra weight?
 More than half of women consider themselves to be too fat, but if some of them really would be better to work on the accumulation of fatty deposits, the other thinness did not paint. This is understandable, since all people of different constitution. You can refer to asthenics, ie have tall, narrow and long legs or the chest, on the contrary, have a constitution hypersthenic - or be small growth medium, have wide but short in bone volume and chest. And may be somewhere in the middle and enter the category normostenik.

So, before you calculate your ideal weight, you know what type of person you are. To do this, determine what your angle form the lower costal arch. Pull the belly in the mirror and see if less than 90 degrees, then you - astenik more - hypersthenics. The conclusion is that astenik will look bad when zaplyvet odd Zhirkov and hypersthenics not be too thin, or turn into a square shape with sharp edges.

And now for the formulas. Normal weight is calculated by different methods.

Formula Brock. Take your height (in cm) and subtract it from 110. The difference, measured in kilograms, and is your "ideal" weight. But only if you normostenik.

Quetelet index. Squaring his height (in meters). Then divide your weight on the previously found number. If the result is between 19 and 26, it is a very good value. The numbers above 26 and below 30 indicate some overweight. And if the index is greater than 30, then you unfortunately obesity.

Take a deep breath and measure the circumference of your chest. Then exhale and do the same. Of the two numbers obtained output average and multiply it by the amount of your height in cm. Divide the result by 240. This will be your ideal weight. Oscillation is also permitted in both directions by 10%.

American formula for calculating the ideal weight. By height in centimeters, subtract 150. The resulting number, multiply by 0, 75, and add 50 kg.

Lorentz formula. Height in centimeters minus 150. The resulting number is multiplied by 0, 25. Then again, take height in centimeters, subtract 100 and subtract what happened when multiplied.

You can calculate your ideal weight, though all of these methods at once, but just keep in mind that the specialists are now more inclined to think that it is important not numeric parameters (because we are not machines, robots), and human sensation. If the weight does not prevent you walk or run, does not cause shortness of breath or any other unpleasant symptoms and you normally get into your favorite dresses and pants, is it worth to lose weight, comparing yourself with others? Models, actors, singers and athletes engaged in their appearance constantly, because that they earn a living. And still do not know how to fight against excess weight affects their health.

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