Five days on the Dukan diet

Five days on the Dukan diet
 Dukan diet is varied, but it is quite strict, its essence is to use a low-carb food. In addition to rapid burning extra pounds, diet effectively cleanses the body and normalizes metabolism.  
 Dukan Diet is designed for healthy people who have no special medical prescription to certain types of foods or vitamins. In case of any restrictions or conditions should consult a specialist.

The first five days on the Dukan diet is one of the four stages are called "attack". These days are only allowed in unlimited quantities proteins and drink plenty of water. In the body, there is an active breakdown of fat reserves, so you can feel uncomfortable: there is dryness of the mouth and an unpleasant smell. At this stage, the weight loss ranges from 2 to 6 pounds.

Products authorized in the first five days of the Dukan diet:

- Lean ham;
- Meat of turkey and chicken without skin;
- Calf liver and tongue;
- Seafood;
- Lean fish;
- Low-fat dairy products;
- Boiled eggs;
- Onions, garlic;
- Vinegar, spices, salt and spices in moderate quantities.

For the preparation of meat and fish dishes, use a grill and steamer and cook for them. The products are allowed to combine with each other, and the amount of the meal are not limited. For normal intestinal motility and less fat absorption recommended daily eat 2 tablespoons of oat bran.

Forbidden to eat boiled meat goose, duck, calf, lamb, rabbit and beef, and you can not eat sugar in any form.

As in the other stages of the Dukan diet, the first five days must adhere to certain rules.

- The amount of water should be drunk at least 1, 5 liters.
- Every day, eat oatmeal.
- Every day mandatory walks in the fresh air for 20 minutes in the first five days of the diet.
- Follow the simple physical exercises every day.

In the early days of the Dukan diet is an accustoming the body to a change in diet, so do not be fixed on the absence of fatty and sugary foods, it is better to focus on the number, diversity and freedom of the meal. Plus diet is that there is no hunger, because proteins are well saturated, but a small fatigue may occur, especially at first.

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