Fewer calories than the better?

Fewer calories than the better?
 It is believed that in order to lose weight you need to consume calories less than squander. Here are all not as efficient as it might seem.
 A person has their own level of basal metabolic rate - is the number of calories that the body needs to perform important functions such as breathing, digestion, heart rate, formation of new cells, etc. On average, a level equal to one calorie per hour per kg body weight. That is, that is how much calories will be spent if the person will lie motionless all day.

If caloric intake diet reduced below the level of the basal metabolism, the body will be provoked by the inclusion of self-defense. That is, feeling underfeeding, in the course will be put protective mechanisms that help in extreme conditions associated with lack of food. It is with this encounter wishing to lose weight, and, alas, the battle with the included protective mechanisms of the body, usually lose.

Need not deliver themselves from excess weight and excess fat, which is perceived by the body as a critical strategic reserve. And for this you need to create the right conditions, to understand, to begin with, the psychology of his own body.
Feeling a regular flow of reduced number of calories, the body triggers an alarm "Alarm! Famine! "And take measures to reduce their own costs. The point is that it does not start getting rid of fat, but only reduces their costs.
The level of basal metabolism ordinary person is about 1200 calories. The amount of the daily needs of the average healthy person is made up of the above-mentioned level of BM and the number of calories needed for other expenses, such as mental work, sitting, walking and other physical activities. That is - it's from 2000-3000 and more calories per day.

Hence the situation is as follows: From the chronic starvation, the body includes protective mechanisms to conserve energy. It reduces the functioning of the endocrine system and metabolism, as a result of somnolence and lethargy. To even less calories burned, lethargy, in turn, leads to immobility.
Further reduce calorie intake and can not be dangerous, and burn them has especially nothing - metabolism has slowed, the endocrine system is significantly reduced. Reduce weight in these conditions is practically impossible. But you can easily dial. Hunger by the time reaches its peak, it becomes obsessive. Man breaks down and begins to rapidly quench your food instinct.

But because the body is already more or less adapted, for example, to 1000 calories a day to maintain itself at a low low intensity physical level, the arrival of additional calories will inevitably lead to weight gain, which it will convert into fat. Well, the amount of fat, not only increase to the original, but will be scored as a reserve in case of unforeseen another hunger strike.

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