Effective diets for quick weight loss

Effective diets for quick weight loss
 Lose Weight Fast - clear and inherent desire a large part of men and women of working age. Are there effective diet to a short term gain satisfying result, and most importantly - not to gain from discontinued initial weight? The answer is yes.

Among the most effective diets for quick weight loss noteworthy three. Diet based on the use within 3-5 days of low-calorie monoproduct, gives the best result, but hard unprepared. Diet, in which it is recommended for three days consumption of only fresh fruit and vegetable juices, contrary to expectations, much easier. Diet based on the severe restriction of caloric intake, seems the best.

The effectiveness of diet on monoproduct confirmed by nutritionists around the world. And its essence is to ensure that during the day you eat only one low-calorie product. In the European system, it is recommended to adhere to dietary this diet for quick weight loss within 5 days. One can choose from the following products: yogurt (1 l.), Unsweetened apple green (1 kg.) Tomato juice (1 l.), Meat (300 g) and lean white fish (400 g). They allowed small supplement.

By kefir it can be 3-4 dry bread, all made using rye flour, without the addition of wheat or corn. By green apples allowed 150 g fat-free yogurt. For tomato juice - 100 g peeled hazelnuts. The meat or fish - 300 g fresh cabbage. All figures are based on the amount of product per day.

You can lose weight quickly through effective diet, where for three days banned the use of food, but you can drink 1 liter. fresh vegetable or fruit juices. Important note: mixing juices unacceptable. In other words, if today started to drink apple juice, drink all day only him. As an example of fruit and vegetables, from which you can make juice for quick weight loss can result in apples, oranges, grapefruit, carrots, cabbage, lettuce and celery stemmed.

Avoid using sweet juices and juices made from root vegetables (except carrots only). Also carefully choose vegetables and fruits for juice. They must be fresh, resilient, with no trace of disease, rot or other lesions.

Diet based on caloric restriction, seems the most gentle. In addition, it has virtually no contraindications, which can not be said about the first two diets for quick weight loss. The essence of this method is to limit the daily ration of 1-1, 2 thousand. Kcal. As an example of the daily menu, you can bring the following. Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese - 100 grams, boiled egg - 1 pc., Tea with lemon. Lunch: salad of cabbage, seasoned with lemon juice - 150 g

Lunch: vegetarian soup made with fresh vegetables - 250 grams, boiled cod - 100 g cauliflower - 100 g Snack: low-fat yogurt or fermented baked milk - 200 g Dinner: salad of carrots, seasoned with lemon juice - 100 g boiled beef - At night, the 100 permitted low-fat yogurt - 200 Duration of this diet - 5-7 days. Ideally, if you have a tendency to be overweight, these recommendations should be followed to the normalization of body weight.

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