Diet for body cleansing

Diet for body cleansing
 Diets for cleaning the body not only good for your health because of the fact that the removal of residues, but also great to help lose weight. Types of diets - a great many. They can be calculated for a period of weeks to six months. Consider the various options that you can choose the right for you.

The first version of the diet - tea. Tea belongs to a group of products that for its healing properties can replace an entire medicine cabinet. Especially in high esteem at physicians and judges healthy lifestyle green tea. Tea diet implies its use in an amount of not less than two liters a day. At the same time excluded from the diet flour and fatty foods. The main products is necessary to make use of eggs, milk and boiled chicken. Salt should be excluded from the diet completely, and sweet can be used in the form of honey and dried fruit.

On this diet you can sit for four weeks, then you need to start smoothly from it go. However, the habit of eating large amounts of tea, is likely to remain with you. This does not hurt the body, rather the opposite.

The advantages of this diet can be attributed the fact that as soon as you pass the course, your body will be reconstructed on the new mode of operation, and in the future, you will not gain weight even after the diet.

Another great way to "clean up" the body - every day for three weeks on an empty stomach in the morning and at bedtime take a tincture of senna (this drug is sold in any drugstore). The tincture is prepared very simply - a tablespoon senna pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew. The resulting liquid to drink half a cup of need for acceptance. In order to improve its palatability, it is possible to add a little honey.

Plus this option - you do not limit yourself to food, but lose weight. This occurs because the infusion process stimulates and enhances digestion. In addition, the diet bring the body of toxins.

In the summer, when it is very hot and there is not particularly want to clean the body more easily than ever. Arrange fasting days a week. Eating plenty of fluids, and only selected products. For example, in one day can only citrus fruit and the next - only dairy products. Options such handling menu - weight. Choose the ones that appeal to you to taste and not torture yourself make use of the products that you do not like.

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