Citrus diet: how to normalize weight

 Summer is just around the corner. Rather, here it is almost here - just breathing in the head. One of the most popular diets - grapefruit

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Grapefruit has a high dietary and medicinal qualities. Fruits improve appetite, help to normalize digestion and reduction of functional disorders of the liver, lower blood pressure, help the body recover with fatigue. Glycosides contained in the fruit of the grapefruit, have anti-sclerotic property.

Fruits contain 90% water, 4-7% sugars, 1-2% organic acids, pectin. 100 g of the fruit juice contained 45 mg of vitamin C and vitamin B, D, R

Grapefruit is rich in fiber, contains antioxidants - vitamin C and vitamin A. This refers to the number of fruits and vegetables, the use of which reduces the risk of cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary heart disease, hypertension).

Grapefruits are white, pink, red flesh color. When selecting fruit in the shop guide appearance and weight - the fruit must appear "heavy" for its size. Some greenish skin does not necessarily mean low palatability. The fruit must be the correct form and dense to the touch.
Grapefruits are fruits that do not have the property of ripening after they are collected. Stripes on the skin of grapefruit-like scars caused by contact with young fruit tree branches in the wind and do not indicate a defect. Well grapefruits stored at a temperature of 10 - 14 degrees.

Grapefruit contains enzymes that promote fat burning, which in turn leads to rapid and substantial weight loss.

All sorts of variations on the theme of this diet very much, but are all the same: before every meal you eat half a grapefruit, so stock up on fat-absorbing pre-enzymes. The number of calories consumed per day is recommended to limit 800 (although there are people who claim that this diet can simply overeat - the consequences will not be).

If you like grapefruit, this diet is for you. Grapefruit is low in calories and sodium, but in excess of vitamin C. The advantage of this diet is that you get rid of excess weight without tedious counting calories. But be careful - possible diathesis.

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