All the Kremlin diet

All the Kremlin diet
 Today a rare man or woman does not dream of losing weight. Despite the fact that the pace of life is very intense - the total lack of exercise on the person: work at the computer, the movement of the vehicle. And sandwiches eaten for lunch, be sure to put off the fat folds on the stomach and hips. So can eat something else? In other words, to sit on the Kremlin diet!  

One of the most popular diets today - Kremlin. The gist of it is this: there is more to limit the consumption of meat and vegetables. The reason for such non-standard approach as follows: Carbohydrates, which, incidentally, are the basis not only vegetables, but also bread and sweets, processed quickly, giving the body the necessary supply of energy. In this case, the fat deposits remain untouched. If carbohydrates by eating more than the energy consumption, they undergo a chemical change and turn into fat. So the stock begins to rise. Loss of carbohydrate energy, and switching to protein nutrition, leads to the need to draw strength from its own fat. The result is weight loss.

Developers Kremlin diet, a special table that allows you to define the allowed range of products for the selected program to lose weight. The table given points for each product, the amount of points corresponding to the selected targets. For example, to lose weight 5-6 kg per week can not eat more food than 40 points per day. If the weight is large enough, the daily ration may be increased to 60 points.

In the Kremlin diet banned products such as potatoes, bread, sweet, flour, vegetables, fruits, and juices. That is not to eat food with a high content of carbohydrates. But meat, eggs, cheese and other foods high in protein can eat as much as you want.

With all the attractive aspects of this diet is worth considering that before starting to feed on it, should consult a doctor. This protein diet is dangerous for people suffering from chronic diseases of the stomach, heart and blood vessels. And of course, the protein diet is contraindicated in pregnant women and young children.

If these contraindications are worth a try to lose weight without dieting. With sports, dance or yoga.

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