Three Pillars of youth

 Are there certain rules rejuvenation? We offer a look at the problem of preserving youth from different sides. Medical recommendations for you, beautician and, of course, the stars of show business - after all they are the prime example of that time can be no power over beauty.

 "In order to look young, feel young you need to enjoy life, joking and fooling around, laughing and flirting, and then another birthday will not spoil your mood and add years! "- Said in an interview with Kim Basinger on the eve of its fiftieth anniversary. And yet, if there are certain rules of rejuvenation?

Of course, keep the youth of the soul - that's fine. Especially when you're a world celebrity and dozens of stylists and cosmetologists care about your appearance. But most ordinary women still interested, the trappings: how to get the elusive youth, keep the skin smooth, clear view, even "hiding" of others a year or two.

Elena Zhuravlev, therapist: "Three Pillars of Youth"

1. Stable weight

"It's okay if your body weight is in the range of 2-4 kg. More often than not we gain weight for the winter and "rastryasaem zhirok" in the summer. But if your whole life - a constant struggle with weight (plus or insufficient), then talk about a flourishing and taut skin is not necessary.
Or need to find the optimal power system, or to refuse to experiments on his body. Rapid weight loss, as well as weight gain, affects the entire skin from head to toe - she stretched, "slack" is wrinkles and stretch marks. So that a stable weight is much more important than the "ideal". "

2. Cleanliness and hygiene

 "And not only externally but also internally. Gloomy, jealous, tyrannical, forever dissatisfied with something people do not look young, even if carried out in beauty salons half life. They "all written on his face." And those who positively perceive the world around us to live longer and have fewer wrinkles.
If you cherish your body, you will not be in a hurry to throw it fast food and poison tobacco smoke. If you are saving young person, you will not dirty fingers squeeze acne, sleep in cosmetics, abuse tan. "

3. Movement

"It does not matter, it will be walking home, fitness classes or at the gym, or, for example, stirring the imagination of lovemaking. By the way, there are even special studies, stating that if sex every day for six months, you can get a real rejuvenation of the body and look like an average of 7.5 years younger. "

Evgeny Galkin, beauticians, PhD: "Cosmetics Cosmetics discord"

"Advertising of cosmetics, do not hesitate to use figures, promising rejuvenation for 5, 7 or even 10 years. Cream for 200 rubles they have not only "prevents wrinkles", but also "successfully smooth existing even deeper." Just some fantastic!

It is important what kind of cosmetics in question. If on the one that is available in a broad sell, then wait for it to rejuvenate a few years is meaningless. And not because it's a bad cosmetics. Just her other tasks.

Products designed for mass consumption, especially should respect the principle of "do no harm", they were originally designed for certain common needs of the average woman of a certain age. The possibility of anti-aging cosmetics segment mass marketogranichivayutsya stout, high-quality skin care products are not delivered to its owner much hassle.

Professional opportunities drugs much more. But here, the real change in the age of the skin is not only a highly active composition applied to the face. Of considerable importance is the fact that in this case all the means chosen individually and decide it is your, and are not "average" problem.

The combination of salon care using cosmetics, selected specialists, really can create the effect of "minus 5 years." However, we should be aware that this effect will disappear if you stop to get enough sleep, good sunbathing on the south or can not cope with a powerful stress.

Forever young celebrities

When an American magazine recently proposed famous beauties at the age of "30" to pose for the shooting of "Stars without make-up," agreed a few. But those that dare, and without makeup look for a photo youthful and charming.

Drew Barrymore (32) "I believe that the state of your heart may be reflected on your face is much brighter than the rest. You know that over the babe on the cover thoroughly worked stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and illuminators. But many do not realize that this art, and try to achieve the same ideals in everyday life. I am against such perfectionism, welcome naturalness.

I try to carefully protect your skin from the sun and actively use tools with high SPF. Yes, sometimes I sunbathe, but in no case do not burn, and generally too deep tan - it's completely asexual! As for the makeup, the last time I got more use eyeliner and almost do not use bright lipstick, preferring to shine. My daily beauty program - mandatory cleansing of the skin before going to bed. "

Jennifer Aniston (38 years old): "I'm just trying to look well-groomed: the bare minimum" natural "makeup, tightened figure. It is of fundamental boycotting LA SPA-salons. I prefer to use the "grandmother's recipes" beauty. For example, peeling of the vegetable oil and salt. Recently, I was fascinated by yoga - it helps to keep yourself in good shape. "

Jennifer Lopez (37 years old): "I do not use a lot of expensive creams, - says the 37-year-old. - It's simple: mild cleansing milk, sun protection and plenty of water. All that a woman needs to look young for a long time - it regularly take care of yourself, do not be lazy to wash off makeup, moisturize the skin and carefully treat hair.

In beautician I wear lip gloss, perfume, mascara, moisturizer and tan. I like SPA, massage and facials are different, though not all apply it regularly. If you have twenty to the person with whom you were born, and after - the person that you deserve. "

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