The rainy season. And sadness?

 Midnight you suffer from insomnia, and in the morning you wake up with difficulty. Already in the first half of the day you feel fatigue, which in the evening turns into a real breakdown. Appetite is virtually absent, and the mood is that, as they say, at least in the loop climb ... All these are signs of depression, which can and must be fought!

Its causes can be very different. Most often it is chronic stress that we experience at home and at work. Depression can cause hormonal changes in the body and even the lack of sunlight in winter. One common form of depression is postpartum.

Spleen or disease?

Downs in mood occur in any person. And not in every case, it is a sign of illness. So before you treat depression, still make sure this is it. Similar symptoms may be caused by many different diseases, for example cancer of the thyroid disorder. Start with a visit to survey the therapist who tells you what experts have to get around and what tests to pass.

Depression can be considered a disease, if it has no apparent reason or that reason far removed in time. In other words, if you happened to serious trouble or even more present misery - well, that you are going through some time. But there are limits, often we do not realize how simple melancholy turns into a disease.

You need a therapist

Just do not panic! Yes, depression - a kind of mental disorder, but that does not mean that you are now locked up in an insane asylum, and will hold there for the rest of life, and if ever released, then with such a diagnosis you have in life, nothing shines.
All is not as scary as it sounds. Hospitalization in the treatment of depression is not required, you will not put on record in a psychiatric clinic. If depression become chronic and protracted, can offer hospital in the crisis center.

Terrible word "antidepressant"

"If I start taking antidepressants, I'll turn into a vegetable! "- With horror think many of those who had the opportunity to see films about psychiatric patients. But in fact it is not. Patients with severe disorders take a completely different drugs that are not required for the treatment of depression. Like any drugs, antidepressants have a number of side effects. For example, some of them contribute to the reduction of sexual activity and a number of other causes persistent increase in appetite, which leads to weight gain.

But depression itself, especially in severe, often has the same "side" effects! In addition, upon completion of the course of treatment and appetite and libido are normalized. Do not be afraid, and the abuse of antidepressants - they did not cause. Besides drug therapy assigned usually psychotherapy, individually or in groups.

Help yourself

Thrombotonin - A chemical found in the brain, which is essential to maintain a positive attitude. Take care that your body is getting enough of it! To do this, include in your daily diet of foods rich in vitamin B6. If this is not possible, use vitamin complexes. Lack of vitamin C can also contribute to depression - eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. The largest amount of vitamin C is found in bell peppers and citrus fruits.

Along with the treatment by a specialist it would be nice in this difficult period pampered. Methods of treatment can be any - just do what you like. Excellent aid for depression - dancing or any kind of fitness that brings you pleasure. You have to go to a sports club as a holiday - in this case the effect of the training will come immediately!

Olga Egorova

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