Swayed in the car, on the plane, in transport?

 Everything is clear, you do not like to travel. And on missions relating to the flight or a long trip by car try to get rid of all ways. But here, you're invited to take a ride on a yacht, but not anyone else, but the guy on a date with which you dreamed for months. It is clear that you can go you can not - the young man would not like to take care of you while you try hard to keep in place the contents of the stomach. There is no escape? In fact, it's not so sad, and the women's magazine JustLady will try to help you enjoy a romantic date.

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"Motion Sickness" can manifest itself not only during a trip in transport. The same problems are in people who ride the rides and even some sports fans, watching closely tossing around the stadium players.
Science known instances of "motion sickness" during movement between the shelves in a supermarket.

The culprit of this phenomenon is a small organ, the so-called "inner ear". It is this sort information that is sent to your brain senses. When the "host computer" sees inconsistencies between what the eyes see and the information from the inner ear, and start your troubles.

The simplest method in this casecheat the system equilibrium.
For example, try to focus on some fixed point in front of him. The machine may be a skyline. During the boat trip, it is better to look at the sky or a strip of land in the distance, because the horizon will move accordingly movement of the vessel. Another good option - to move around at night. Here you will see almost nothing, and your body will be less reason to understand the appropriate and inappropriate.

Try moreto be outdoors - In the stifling atmosphere you will be much worse.
Hold on away from unpleasant odorsDo not eat what you do not like, and abstain from alcohol. The smell of gasoline, cigarettes, food can provoke an attack of "seasickness", and alcohol in general violates the already false perception of reality. If odors from nowhere to go, take advantage of the essential oil of lemon or mint.

Sit down next to the driver. If you can sit in the front seat of the car - use it. So you can watch the road and anticipate any changes in motion.
If you decided to go on a cruise on the ship, take care of to take a cabin closer to the center, there are sudden movements will be felt the least.

Down with books. On the plane, caring hostess will offer you read a magazine - wisely refuse. Do not do anything like this in the car. Wrong angle of view from which you look at the text, moving transport, will be another cause of nausea.

 Do not play nurse. If you know what you get motion sickness, or even simply wary of this, do not try to help other sufferers. Maybe you and will last for a short time, but very soon you will join the ranks of fellow traveling, dangling over the side.

Properly prepare for the trip. First, be sure to sleep enough - weary body is more difficult to deal with any illness. Secondly, do not think about how you feel bad or that "as long as everything is in order, but not for long." You may not believe it, but the psychological factor plays an important role here.

Take the example of Chinese. Acupuncture massage - another great tool. Massaging, pressing well, the point between the thumb and index finger on the outside of the hand or a point under the nose, in the heart.
If the inner ear is impossible to persuade or in what ways - the only way to take the medicine. At the pharmacy, for these cases there Bonin, Dramina, Air-Sea. There is even a special adhesive that should stick behind the ear. All of these tools are usually advised to take in advance so that attend to this in advance and read the instructions carefully.

Fromfolk remedies can recommend the lemon or ginger root. Last sold also in capsules.
At the first manifestations of the disease can help stop an attack ordinary olives. Do not need to eat the whole jar, and the effect can be the opposite. Eat one or two when you feel that "is about to begin."

Also, traditional healers are advised before the trip instead of coffee in the morning to drink a cup of herbal tea. Best fit chamomile and mint. You can take it with you in a thermos - it will be an excellent tool for prevention.

In conclusion, I want to focus on important points. Firstly, if you are taking special tablets, in any case not exceed the dose!
Second, carefully read the contraindications and possible allergic reactions, especially if you're going to give your child medication. And thirdly, if you have yet to start vomiting, Remember to drink plenty of fluids.
Here, perhaps all, now you're completely ready for feats. Have a nice trip!

Alexander Panyutin
Women's magazine JustLady

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