Spring malaise. How to help your body in early spring?

 Although the calendar beginning of spring - March, yet the real spring in our latitudes begins in April. It was during this period of the year there is an amazing paradox: the whole of nature comes to life, and the human body feel like they are left vitality. If in mockery of us on the background of vigorous and flourishing of all life in the violence of our bodies lush bouquet bloom, alas, spring malaise.
Spring malaise. How to help your body in early spring?

The theory of the inverse relationship

To be honest, we are now far removed from nature and very far. But why then are surprised that our body is out of sync with her in their cycles? Themselves to blame.

If you think about it, it turns out everything is logical: nature is entering a new phase in the new season, but for us - it's stress, abrupt change, difference. Biorhythms of the human body breaks down, leading to unbalance organs and systems. Here affects our winter retreat in the four walls of a lack of oxygen, and our exaggerated winter stillness, and the food is hearty yes plentiful. And, of course, the lack of solar heat, light, and vitamins. In short, our entire winter stagnation leave us the same side. The body perceives the change of the season as a catalyst, the starting hook to fail.

Law Achilles' heel

Typical spring ailments rightfully include: lack of energy, chronic fatigue syndrome, apathy, melancholy, mood swings, nervous disorders, depression.

But it is fine, just that. But according to the law Achilles' heel or on the basis of where thin, there and tear, aggravated besides all of our chronic diseases. Moreover, I do not make a reservation - it ALL. During this period complain cores gipotoniki and hypertensive, rheumatic, all those who have a predisposition to migraine, insomnia, airway inflammation, and those who have problems with the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract.

Seasons Change - Change of lifestyle

Complaints, like tears, sorrow will not help, so one conclusion - decisive action. First and foremost, we must change the way of life. In early spring, more than ever, it is necessary to bring your life to the right.

First and foremost, it is - a walk in the fresh air for at least an hour a day. And, mind you - in the open air, so the way home on the dusty polluted city does not count. Take time to stroll though the park.

Add in the normal mode of the day exercise. The more "sedentary" lifestyle are driving, the active and significant it should be. Again clarification: homework cleaning the apartment - has nothing to do with it. Start jogging or doing gymnastics, or sign up for tennis, dancing, swimming - you more impressed.

With the onset of spring and watch carefully to give the body a rest. This 8-michasovoy dream, and the alternation of activity and emotional fullness of life.

Cleansing without the "problems"

Very useful in this period to do cleaning the body. But I do not welcome debilitating purging with a long preparation, painful starvation, also very intense. You can in fact organize clean and without any "problems".

Most importantly, put on the control of the use of clean water. During the day, drink 8 glasses, that is not less than 2 liters. First, it is important to drink a glass of fasting.

Mucus well cleans hell, turn in your diet this seasoning adding slices of lemon. Cleaning joints a good rice. Choose one day a week when you only eat cooked rice. At the same time experience the joy of cleansing effect, not an aversion to the monotonous menu, otherwise spoil the whole beneficial effect.

"Pochechnikam" enough to drink a glass a day for its special healing water. Who have a weak liver or gastrointestinal problems tincture recommend immortelle and chamomile. In order to use another cleaning concoctions mother and stepmother, and horsetail.

Spring menu

Of course, the menu in April may not be as diverse as it should be for the full functioning of an organism with useful substances. But in the spring menu, it is necessary to include:
• fresh herbs - dill, parsley, green onions and garlic
• dishes with nettle - soup, salad with the addition of eggs
• salad of cooked beets with vegetable oil
• legumes - peas, beans, soybeans, lentils
• chicken and seafood
• walnuts
• 1-2 apples
• Mix of wild rose

And finally ...

Begin to go out of town for the weekend.

If you are not paying attention to your body throughout the year, then at least help him now. And the earlier start, the less you will have time to show up in the spring malaise.

Julia Detochkin
Women's magazine JustLady

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