What tells the test for biological age

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 The older a person becomes, the more difficult it is sometimes to determine its age - people whose passports worth the same year of birth, can look completely different. Seventy woman may be an old woman hunched deep and taut, athletic and youthful elderly lady. The number of years lived by it has little to say about the real state of health, it is all about biological age.
 Biological age reflects the true extent of aging, it is directly linked with some indicators of his life. Testing on the body's biological age, you can assess their health status and determine how it affects the external environment, and you have the pathological changes that accelerates the aging process. Biological age - an objective measure of your health.

Determine your biological age can be, having five simple tests. The result of each of them will be the number of points. To calculate the ratio of the mass starts and growth. For this, divide the weight, expressed in kilograms by height squared, expressed in inches. If the value is 9.16 or less, subtract 2 points, getting a number from 17 to 18.6, subtract 1 point, from 18.7 to 23.8 - 0 points, from 23.9 to 26 - add 1 point, from 26.1 and above - add 2 points.

Take the tonometer and pomerte your blood pressure and pulse. The obtained value of the pulse rate per minute multiply by top pressure and divide by 100. If you have received this number more than 100, subtract 2 points, from 95 to 100 - subtract 1 point, from 85 to 94 - 0 points, from 70 to 84 - add 3 points, from 69 or less - add 5 points.

Calculate the rate of speed heart rate recovery after exercise. To do this, measure your heart rate at rest and then do 20 sit-ups in a smooth, quiet pace. Measure the time during which the heart rate will be restored to its initial value. If it took more than 3 minutes, subtract from the amount of points 2, 2 to 3 minutes - add 1, from 1.5 minutes to 1 minute 59 seconds- add 3, from 1 to 1.29 - add 5, if passed less 59 seconds, add 7.

Measure the volume of their lungs, it can be done in the clinic. Its value in milliliters divided by the mass of the body. If this indicator is less than 40 - subtract 1 from the total score. In the case where the value is from 41 to 50, set itself points 0, 51 and 55 - add 1 point, 56 to 60 - 2 points, 60 - 3 points.

The clinic dynamometer to measure the compressive force their hand at arm's length. Divide this value by the body weight and multiply by 100. When the resultant value is less than 40, the number of points equal to 0 if it is from 41 to 50, score 1 51 55 - 2 points, 56 to 60 - 3 points, more 60 - 4 points.

Calculate the total amount of points. If it is less than 3, more physical biological age of 10 years when you score between 4 and 6 points to the physical age of 5 years can be added. Your physical and biological age of the same, when the amount of points will be from 6 to 11. The actual age is 5 years less a passport when you dial from 12 to 15 points and 10 years old, if you manage to score more than 16 points. In this case, you can only congratulate - you have every chance to live 10 years longer.

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