Three mortal enemy of longevity

Three mortal enemy of longevity
 Three mortal enemy of longevity - it's bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress. There is also a fourth enemy, man can not live a long time, if not monitor their health and medicine in Russia is in a period of stagnation, at least in all regions. Also on life expectancy affects the welfare, the environment and many other reasons, but if you remove the three main reasons that shorten life for many years, all the rest will be secondary.  

Enemy number one - bad habits. These include: overeating, smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Modern man used to eat a lot of fatty, fried foods, preservatives. Incessant partying with a hearty meal and excessive libations do their dirty work. All this flavor a pair of cigarette packs. Vessels can not withstand. Occur strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis due to blockage of the veins and arteries. Tobacco contributes to vasoconstriction, which leads to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Preservatives contained in the products are poisoning the entire body, the liver is no longer cope with its cleaning function. As a result, early mortality. And do not be surprised. Even the most powerful body can not cope with such a marathon.

To live a long time, the power must be rational. Necessary to use natural antioxidants such as green tea instead of beer and spirits, nuts, fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, bread from grain, meal, oily fish. This diet should be basic, everything else can be used very rarely and in limited quantities.

Enemy number two - a sedentary lifestyle. It's no secret that modern forms of art and other achievements of civilization allow to completely eliminate manual labor. But you can play sports, even exercises in the morning, walk, and not get into the car to drive to the bakery. Physical activity will help to field trips, but not on skewers, as is customary, and to relax by the river, play badminton, volleyball, football, swimming, get positive emotions from communicating with friends and from nature.

And the last enemy - stress. All diseases come from nerves - this folk wisdom. A nerve diseases start from the stress from the modern way of life, the constant desire to run without stopping and reach great heights in his career, not paying attention to their health, fatigue. Chronic lack of sleep, nervous, hard work, it's modern satellites anyone wishing for something in life to achieve. Marathon ends with a bouquet of diseases and as a consequence - early mortality. And only need to stop and listen to their health, in time to see a doctor. But more often it happens when it is too late, because the stop, then go the distance, and it can afford not everyone.

Take care of your health, always remember everything remains, you will not.

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