The influence of bad habits on the occurrence of cancer

The influence of bad habits on the occurrence of cancer
 Bad habits and sedentary lifestyles - a trouble almost every third person on the planet. Addiction to alcohol and tobacco, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet lead to tragic consequences, including cancer. This disease occurs imperceptibly and is difficult to treat, so the best solution is prevention.

Today, widespread bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and unhealthy diet. Turning to the chronic form, they can provoke dangerous diseases which include cancer and. Moreover, the longer a person does not get rid of a bad habit, the more he increases the risk of cancer. Although the initial stages of the process of getting rid of bad habits can cause difficulties in the future, after cleaning the body from harmful substances, thrust into the habit will disappear, and the risk of cancer dramatically reduced.

One of the most addictions today is smoking. The number of people suffering from lung cancer for that reason, is increasing every year. According to statistics, in Russia smokes more than half of the adult population. During the combustion of tobacco carcinogens formed resin. Chewing tobacco is widespread in the East, also unsafe. Smoker harms not only himself, but others, due to passive smoking.

Alternative to smoking tobacco is the use of electronic cigarettes. They lack the harmful substances of tobacco, but are present in low doses of other carcinogens glycerol released during heating. Completely absent in their "smoke" carbon monoxide, polonium and a host of other dangerous substances. Therefore, if you are unable to quit smoking, go to e-cigarettes as less harmful alternative to much, but if you feel that you can quit smoking completely, it is best to do just that.

Excessive use of alcohol also leads to serious consequences. Decomposition products of ethyl alcohol adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract and liver, and also be the foundation for the emergence of cancer.

Another cause of cancer is considered an unhealthy diet. There are a number of products, which composition contains a significant amount of carcinogens. Should be excluded from your diet meats, chips, spicy food too. In addition, a number of studies found a relationship between eating too much meat and cancer. Too heavy foods and unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins lead to a weakening of the immune system and also contribute to the development of cancer.

Often the cause of cancer is becoming a sedentary lifestyle. Especially susceptible to diseases such people who have not one, but several bad habits. In this case, it is useless to give up on only one of them, neglecting the others. For cancer prevention should be approached comprehensively, practicing a healthy lifestyle comprehensively.

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