The basic premises of longevity: optimism, hope and happiness

The basic premises of longevity: optimism, hope and happiness
 Happy the man who believes in a bright future and meet every day with optimism, live longer. This is the conclusion reached by researchers who have found some interesting facts that there are older people who, despite his age, still make unique and interesting things.

It turns out that the most experienced skiers and ingrained this year celebrated 95 years. Alexander Rosenthal and still regularly attends training.

Another ekstrimal - American driver Roy Roulin was once stopped by an inspector for speeding. The inspector noted with surprise that the driver is already 104 years.

But the marathon runner from Greece Iordanidis in its 98 years old does not want to give up and continues to overcome miles. The last time he ran 42 kilometers 7, 5 hours.

In Switzerland, the 88-year-old Andrea Nottbek attends hang gliders. Her teacher says that such a diligent and dedicated student he has never been.

Finally, the Japanese Teiichi Ivarashi in its 99 years willingly submits Fujiyama.

All these figures and achievements demonstrate that age to play sports is not only pleasant but also useful. After the power loads in men decreases the level of cholesterol, which is an indispensable harbinger of heart attacks and strokes.

The researchers also noticed that if older people are actively working to the very elderly, they can avoid the onset of dementia. Memory impairment can also be "drown" if after 70 years every day to drink a cup of wine or beer.

Was investigated and the sexual life of people aged 60-90 years. It turns out that 7% of single men and women are sexually active and not at all shy about it. But among married couples, this percentage increases to 54%.

In the end we need only note that to live a happy and long life is quite real. This happens not only in fairy tales. True facts about real people, described above, are proof of that. Optimism, happiness and hope - these are the basic prerequisites of healthy longevity.

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