Ten facts about alcohol, you need to know

Ten facts about alcohol, you need to know
 Many of you often underestimate the effects of alcohol on the body. Believe that even useful to miss a glass or two as "relax" after a hard day. This opinion - from the category of errors and can lead to disastrous consequences for the organism. Some facts about alcohol will help you understand yourself and more serious about their health.

1. Drinking alcohol, do you think that if the body is exposed and at risk, then the short-term. That's not it. Even a one-time use of alcohol can cause some changes in health. And if you wish to "relax" visits you all the time, then you will not hesitate to have problems with memory, coordination and clarity of action, there are problems with the liver.

2. It turns out that even a drop of alcohol can have an impact on your health and condition. And even if you eat very good and expensive drinks. Any alcohol is toxic! One of the decay products of ethanol - acetic aldehyde - able to undermine even the most good health.

3. Wanted alcohol, if you combine it with medication. Serious consequences can arise from the "mix" of alcohol with drugs, normalize blood pressure. Even if the instructions to the drug no such warnings, understand for once and for all: no alcohol mixed with pills!

4. Female body is designed in such a way that alcohol is the fair sex absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than men. Therefore, in no case should not focus on the "male" dose, and indeed on the amount of alcohol consumed by others.

5. Cirrhosis of the liver exposed and women. Alarming statistics show that the number of cases of male and female deaths from this dangerous disease almost equal. Remember: to die from alcohol abuse can not only men!

6. Alcohol affects the body much longer than you think. Even small doses of drug after its action lasts for 12 and sometimes 18 hours. Therefore, you should seriously consider the use of alcohol before you get behind the wheel or in anticipation of any responsible action.

7. Statistics show that more and more attached to alcohol youth. And it is not only the representatives of the "social bottom", but also quite well at first glance groups - students, pupils, creative young people.

8. A good half of ambulance calls related one way or another, with the use of intoxicating beverages. It is worth considering how many injuries and acute exacerbations of chronic diseases could have been avoided if not for alcohol abuse.

9. It is sad but true that alcohol is often the cause of rape. And while intoxicated in some cases is not only a rapist, but his victim. It should be very wary of "libation" in an unfamiliar company.

10. Alcohol - the eternal companion of depression. One must be very naive, believing that a shot of alcohol can reduce stress, soothe, distract from the serious problems. Temporary euphoria from drunk very quickly replaced by a heavy state of mind from which it is very difficult to get out.

Even if you do not abuse alcohol, still you should always think about the irreversible consequences and its negative effects on the body. Do not destroy yourself!

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