Prevention of cold on the lips

Prevention of cold on the lips
 Every girl at least once in their life on the lips appeared cold and an unpleasant event that is always unexpected, gives the girls a lot of discomfort. In fact, the cause of the common cold, which appeared on the lips, a herpes virus, and the sooner you take corrective actions and treatment, the sooner you can get rid of unpleasant external manifestations in the form of the common cold.

The herpes virus may be present in the human body for many years, but if the body's defenses are high enough, it does not manifest itself - but it's worth immunity decrease as herpes makes itself felt. On the lips herpes appears as a predominantly cold during the cold season, when the infection, acute respiratory infections and colds undermine immunity. However, sometimes herpes appears in the warm season, and the cause may be stress, excess ultraviolet radiation, excessive use of alcohol, overheating or hypothermia, poisoning, chronic fatigue, hormonal failure, and so on.

The first sign of a cold is a slight tingling in the lips, which is converted within a few hours in the small painful blisters, which soon burst and deliver great discomfort to man. Ulcers heal within five to seven days, and during healing in any case can not be separated crust - otherwise, you aggravate their situation, and on the lips appear scars.

In order to speed up recovery, you must immediately after the first tingling purchased at the pharmacy ointment, which is composed of acyclovir. If the pain is too strong, you can enjoy any analgesic. Regularly lubricating lip salve, you can reduce the disease to nothing, and in the course of treatment to avoid contact with other people, and especially tactile contact and kissing to keep from infecting them. During the treatment of cold on the lips need to use individual dishes, have a private bath towel and personal hygiene products. It is not necessary once again to touch herpes hands, and it is not necessary to visit before the end of the treatment pool, sauna and steam bath.

Be especially careful with makeup - try not to bring an infection in the eye, or better yet, give up makeup during treatment. After the treatment, consult a physician-immunologist and take the course of immunotherapy, which will increase your resistance to disease.

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