Old age - it's an old soul

Old age - it's an old soul
 The cult of youth, advocated in all media inspires viewers and readers thought that with age comes only disease. In the advertising of goods and services associated with an active lifestyle, you will only see young faces, but the drugs advertised are middle-aged and elderly. Therefore, each new wrinkle young women is perceived as an approximation is not very pleasant life span - old age.

Young people who are 20-25 years old, to every person who over them at least 10 years, has treated as an old man. Therefore, those who are over 50 years old, they seem to be people who have lived out his life, is not interested in anything, devoid of flesh and intellectual pleasures, needing only food and medicines to maintain smoldering in their life. This is partly true.

Old age - is stagnation and even degradation, but if you think it is not always associated with age-related, purely external changes occurring with the man. In the event that a person is in constant development, if a person is working on a continuously cultivators, neither of which old age can not be considered. Yes, the physical shell is aging, but at some point it becomes secondary, and the foreground quality of soul and spirit, perfect personality.

When a soul is nothing, then scared to grow old, destroyed because the one thing that attracts people - external beauty. Therefore, some fanatical tenacity many women and men throwing all their forces to fight age. They forget that life experience and wisdom is a real gem, which can only be purchased over the years, and even then, if you will work on it as well as to preserve its beauty.

Soul and mind, if they are not forced to work, faster than the old, and not having time to develop. All efforts to maintain physical health and beauty meaningless without work on internal development. Harmonious development of this external beauty and the force that comes from within. As long as people strive to learn new things, yet it is interesting to live as long as he cares and helps other people - he is young.

So do not worry about wrinkles, because they are connected with some events with sadness or joy - in the course of your life. Enjoy every single day and wait for new, because they are not old you, and make new friends and meeting new, interesting books and wonderful movies, travel and events that only prolong your youth.

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