Moon and our health

Moon and our health
 Notice it or not, but the moon has an effect on people. Our ancestors knew about it and were guided by the lunar calendar. Some still follow the phases of the moon and plan things to do, especially those related to health, in good days for this.
 The lunar cycle is divided into four phases, each of which lasts a little more than a week. Different phases have a certain impact on the health and health. For example, the first phase is perfect to visit beauty salons, as well as a specified period of time astrologers advised to engage in procedures, restorative health. This is due to the fact that during the early growth of the moon body metabolizes most efficiently produced minerals and vitamins. It should be noted that during this period also occurs actively accumulation of fat reserves. So be careful if you are watching your weight.

The second phase is particularly effective procedure cleans. Combine business with pleasure and go to the sauna or visit the spa. At the end of the second lunar phase comes the most dangerous period for health - a full moon. Increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks are likely exacerbation of chronic diseases. Women are particularly vulnerable to the influence of the moon, so in this period are possible outbursts of emotion, mood swings, anxiety attacks and aggression. If possible, do not plan anything important on these days and try to hold them in a relaxed atmosphere.

The third phase is the perfect time to start a course of massage, as well as surgical procedures. Waning Moon helps in the healing and the healing of wounds. Also during the third phase is strongly not recommended to cut their hair, because they may grow more slowly. But at this time to carry out depilation perfectly!

During the last, fourth phase, there is a sharp emotional and physical exhaustion. Leans wild fatigue and everything goes wrong. Weakens the immune system and is likely to catch the virus. Try these days to be outdoors more time and eliminate physical overload.

Knowledge of the characteristics of the lunar cycle will help you to live in harmony with nature, but do not rush headlong into the study of the lunar calendar. Fits all with interest, but without fanaticism.

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