How to increase immunity

How to increase immunity
 Immunocompromised manifested frequent colds, fatigue, emotional and nervous instability. To health remained stable, the immune system must be strengthened.
 To immunity rose, it is important to fully feed. The diet should be rich in protein (immunoglobulin), which provide protection against disease. In order to provide the body with the entire set of essential amino acids, it is necessary to use plant and animal proteins: meat, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, cereals, bread.

Immune deficiency is lowered fat as in the cell walls must contain lipids (including cholesterol). Therefore, in moderation include in the menu butter and vegetable oils, eggs, animal fats. Alcohol and smoking is that undermine the immune system of toxins, it is desirable to give up.

Lean on fruits and vegetables - they are much needed by the body of vitamins and minerals. To lift the immunity needed zinc, vitamin C and iron. They are rich in the following products: citrus fruits, rosehips, apples, cabbage, black currant, onions, beans, prunes.

Pay attention to the hardening of the body: by means of water treatments, sun-bathing, frequent exposure to fresh air. Tempering procedures favorable to the nervous system, they increase its tone. Also improves metabolism, blood circulation, increases the adaptation of the organism, its resistance to unfavorable factors.

Lack of exercise leads to a weakening of the immune system. Physical same load, traffic, sports stimulate the release of hormones that mobilize the body's energy resources. From this speeds up hematopoiesis rapidly updated and rejuvenate white blood cells that play an important role in immune defense.

Try to avoid stress, which destroys the immune system. At the first signs of nervous tension, try to relax, drink tea with soothing herbs. Often smile - negative people await the disease more often than optimists. Of great importance is fairly long, deep sleep: During his body is resting, gaining strength restored.

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