How to boost immunity

How to boost immunity
 Reduced immunity is manifested in different ways. Sometimes a person begins to ache often and without reason, and in some cases feel a weakness and fatigue. Increase the body's resistance by using the synthetic or natural resources and products.
 Restore immunity as soon as possible to help immunomodulators or immunostimulants. But no need to immediately assign to these drugs high expectations. First, assign them can only be a specialist. Secondly, each drug has its disadvantages and side effects. So immunomodulatory drugs can provoke a mutation of healthy cells. Of course, not everything is so terrible and doctors prescribe them, but a preliminary survey prior to taking necessary.

If you want to restore the immune system more gentle methods, start small: stop and lie down to sleep for a long time, try not to be nervous and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Even these simple rules sufficiently so that the body began to recover. But do not forget about good nutrition. Diversify the diet of dairy products and raw vegetables.

But no matter how fruits and vegetables may be rich in vitamins, they can not in the least necessary to compensate for all the needs of the body. Take special multivitamin complex tools. Also, a good result is observed in the use of herbal concoctions and concentrates: ginseng, Siberian ginseng, St. John's wort, clover, cat's claw, and many others. Before use, consult an expert.

Intestinal dysbiosis fainting promotes immunity. Complete the treatment with drugs containing beneficial bacteria. Contraindications to the use of no, because these organisms are natural to the human intestine. Allergic reactions are also not be. Short-course antibiotic therapy reduces the protective reaction of the body, so you need to use them periodically.

If you yourself have set themselves the diagnosis - a weak immune system, it does not mean that everything is true. Unnecessarily should not take any medications, including immunomodulators. Consult an expert about this, otherwise you can harm your health in general.

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