Elixir of eternal youth

Elixir of eternal youth
 Russian scientist II Mechnikov based on gerontology, the science of aging, it is estimated that a person can live up to 120 years. The world's population now noticeably aging. Everyone wants to preserve the health, performance, mental sharpness up to a ripe old age.

In pursuit of youth spend and spend a lot of money. Search for the elixir of eternal youth engaged alchemists, offering even in the 13th century "magisterium" that can cure all diseases and rejuvenate at any time. People wanted to prolong his life with the help of garlic, mandrake roots, a mixture of gold with mercury. In the 19th century French physiologist conducted experiments on himself, injected under the skin extract of sex hormones. These experiments were not successful, he died in '72.

The press regularly reports on the rejuvenating effect that pituitary hormones, the Gerovital, the antioxidants, but they all have strong side effects or do not cause or prolong life. Scientists create tools that preserve the health of people - replacement organs from stem cells implant defibrillators, but it is a struggle with the consequences, rather than addressing the causes.

Medical studies have shown that there are long-lived in areas with warm and cold climate, mountains and plains, ie There are different functional types of long-lived people, but no one in common. In addition, among all centenarians has only half good health.

Conservation youth mobility, health, physical activity can help. All the benefits of civilization relieve us from movements - elevators, escalators, and transport. Muscles, blood vessels idle, which is often the cause of various diseases.

Select all possible load without resorting to over-training, begin to move. Walk, even if it is difficult to do at first, start with a few steps, increasing the route. Stir, overcome my laziness, until an everyday habit of serving motion.

Senile dementia, senility body, impotence scares many. Man costly illness, disability, dependence on the people around them, so the World Health Organization has developed the concept of longevity, the essence of which is subject to a healthy lifestyle.

"Art prolong life - this art does not cut it," wrote the French scholar. People are living longer, if they lead an active lifestyle, engaged in intellectual work, observe the emotional culture.

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