About it, or Intimate hygiene

About it, or Intimate hygiene
 Probably every woman understands the importance of personal hygiene. But not everyone knows how to observe it. Sexual organs are very delicate and vulnerable area of ​​the body. Pathogens and bacteria getting into the woman's genitals, begin diligently to breed, in most cases, causing a variety of inflammatory diseases.

Should wash with warm boiled water in the direction from the pubis to the anus. Hands at the same time must be clean. Do not rub genitals washcloth or sponge. Otherwise, the mucosa may be damaged and will crack and the most sensitive to infection.

When podmyvanii better direct water jet directly to the vagina itself. Such actions contribute to wash the necessary lubrication and being hit by pathogenic bacteria. To cleanse the vaginal douching can be used with the help of herbs. It is carried out only with the use of boiling water, then cooled to 36-37 degrees.

Intimate hygiene have to be an individual, a clean, soft towel. They should be slightly wet genitals. Dry it thoroughly and are not recommended.

To care for the delicate area is better to use special means for intimate hygiene. In order to avoid disturbance of acid-base balance should not use ordinary soap.

Most gynecologists advise women to protect intimate area to purchase panty liners. However, to go a whole day with the same means impossible. It will become a breeding ground for many harmful microorganisms, so I better at least twice a day.

The same applies to tampons and pads used in menstrual days. They change 4-6 times a day. In periods should not take a bath, swim in the pool and, especially in open water, even if you use tampons.

Ideally, it is recommended to wash the genitals after each toilet. For hygiene is also better to use special cleaning products, panty liners and clean clothes (preferably cotton).

However, to carry out such activities is not always possible. Here to help can come wipes. Useful to select those that contain extracts of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herbs. They will prevent the penetration of infection, as well as give you a sense of purity and freshness for the whole day.

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