5 ways to regain the vigor

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 If you have experienced a sleepless night, then your state does not envy, fatigue and lethargy can ruin your whole day. To avoid this, you can use a simple way to help restore vitality.
 Charging and douches

Do the set of simple exercises. Morning exercises will improve blood circulation, saturate the blood with oxygen and, therefore, will help to cheer up and to cope with fatigue. After gymnastics necessarily take douche. During water treatment, it is desirable to massage the body of coarse wool, and after bathing rub it with a towel.


Morning meal should consist of a large number of complex carbohydrates. Eat breakfast savory porridge, steamed and boiled vegetables, pasta from durum wheat. Sandwiches should be done from black bread stuffed with low-fat cheese, cottage cheese and herbs.


Tangerines, lemons, oranges, grapefruits contain vitamin C, which supports the body in good shape. Eat during the day or a few citrus drink a couple of glasses of fresh juice from them.

Chocolate and cocoa

 If you feel unimportant and literally fall asleep from exhaustion, and in front of the boundless scope of work, you can cheer up eating some chocolate. Also, you can feel a surge of strength, if you drink a couple of cups of cocoa. It will be a great alternative to coffee and will give you energy for a long period of time.

Massage the ears and hands

You can feel the rush of vitality by doing self-massage the ears and hands, this simple method will improve blood circulation and bring your body in tone. So how exactly ears are important centers of points through them can affect the whole body. Heat the palm of your hand and is easy to start massaging the ears in a clockwise direction, a good rub lobe and work through the inside of the ears. After the massage the ears, start massaging hands. First, rub the areas between the toes, and then press the phalanx of each finger, starting with the little finger.

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