The benefits of sex for women

The benefits of sex for women
 Sex - is not only physiological effects. It is also a powerful catalyst emotional and physical health. Modern experts believe that regular sex helps women keep youth and beauty.
 Prerequisite utility sex should be the presence of positive emotions experienced by a woman. In this case, making love at least once a week have the most beneficial effect on the physical condition. Several times increased levels of immunostimulatory antibodies. They are responsible for the stability of human influenza and other colds.

Sex help rejuvenate the female body, as increased levels of estrogen in the blood. From this hair becomes thicker and more elastic skin. In addition, while in the female body increases the production of collagen, which is essential for beauty and youth. A hormone progesterone combats skin imperfections.

Sex - is a good replacement for sporting activities. Thirty minutes of lovemaking can get rid of the calories that you got by eating 100 grams of chocolate. During sexual arousal in women heart rate exceed 100 beats per minute, which dramatically speeds up the metabolism. If you do not go to the gym, then at least do not give up sex.

Anecdotal reason for not sex - headache - gone after him. After all, love games raise the level of corticosteroids and endorphins (natural analogue of morphine) in the blood, and they just are natural painkillers.

Sexual activity for women especially useful that it contributes to the normalization of the mental state of women, ensures her emotional stability. Sex helps women escape from life's problems and hardships.

Sex improves memory, because during orgasm blood circulation is greatly accelerated. Since all internal organs, including the brain sections, saturated with oxygen, thereby improving their operation.

Of course, a truly quality sex a woman can only get from a regular partner who will know how to please her and strive to do so.

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