Summer health problems: how to avoid

Summer health problems: how to avoid
 Summer - a favorite time of year, not only for children but also for adults. It is a pity that in this season the body in danger. Avoid summer health problems is possible if safety precautions.
 Often, the holiday season is sneaking up on common cold, which not only worsens the general condition, but also the mood. You can protect yourself from it, if you do not drink cold drinks, to avoid a long stay in the water and not be on the drafts. Otherwise, sore throat, chills and fever can not be avoided. If necessary, take vitamin complexes, because the immune system needs to be supported and summer.

Deviation of the heart, severe swelling and headache may await people at the most inopportune moment. Try not to drink spirits, eat low-fat foods are not a long time in the sun and take drugs if they are prescribed by a doctor. Withdraw excess fluid from the body and help diuretic teas. If you suddenly feel unwell, call an ambulance.

Sunburns can be attributed to a common summer trouble. Skin after winter burns very quickly, dries up and starts to peel off. Use creams with a high level of protection, not on the street too long during the day, and start sunbathing for 3-5 minutes. Everything else is the best time to be in the shade.

Try not to drink any sea or river water - it can cause diarrhea and other health problems. Do not draw water into his mouth! Some bacteria can travel long distances and into the stomach - it does not even have to swallow the liquid.

Observe good personal hygiene. Always wear slates on the beach, and the legs were pretreated with anti-fungal spray. Wash your hands and do not eat in suspicious places, because in the summer there is a possibility of poisoning non-compliance with rules for processing products. Be careful with beer and wine - they contain live microorganisms, which can become pathogenic if not properly stored beverages.

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