Remove the evening fatigue

Remove the evening fatigue
 Modern man during the day has to do many things at work and at home waiting for the case. By the evening lacks sufficient strength or family or himself. But it is so important in the evening the whole family to gather, socialize, spend time with children. So where do we get power? Removing the evening fatigue?

You probably noticed that in the evening you have reduced attention, falls mood. And if you had a hard day, and did not have enough physical strength no matter what. Do not be discouraged. You can remove fatigue and evening to spend time with his family.

First of all, when you come home after a hard day's work, not enough just behind the house chores, allow yourself a little rest. The day your feet are very tired, take them to the tub. First, dip them hot and then cold water. This will improve blood circulation. And then spread bath salt in warm water and lower your legs back. Then lubricate the cream and lie down for a few minutes.

Ask your loved ones to make tea. Better, of course, if it is made from herbs. Peppermint, chamomile, lavender perfectly help you to calm down and relax.

Turn on soft music and relax a few minutes. After some time you will feel better and be able to adopt a common bath with the addition of flavorings or extracts of herbs. The water temperature should not exceed 37-38 degrees. If you have no desire or ability to arrange for a relaxation in the bath, take douche. Water treatment, as a rule, have a beneficial effect on your health.

Then you can make a mask on the face of what is right at your fingertips. For example, you can rub the cucumber and the resulting slurry to put an even layer on your face for a while. You can also use fresh berries or grated potatoes. It does not take much of your time, but after such a procedure, you will feel refreshed.

In the room where you are, have to be cool. Stuffy - not the best assistant in your state. Turn on the air conditioning or open the window in the cooler seasons.

If you enjoy yoga, do some relaxation exercises or ask relatives to make you a massage.

Believe me, after a while you feel that fatigue is gone, you are once again full of energy, you have a good mood and desire to communicate with loved ones.

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