How to relieve fatigue

How to relieve fatigue
 Fatigue appears towards the end of the day, when it was hand or foot to move do not want to. Helps to relieve fatigue modern relaxation, massage and physical exercises that you can do at home. They will remove the tension, heaviness and weakness. A contrast baths or compresses maintain strong and healthy feet.

The ability to relax in the maintenance of physical and mental health is an important point. Life of modern man generously filled with strife, conflict, stress and the ability to fully relax helps carry them less painful.

For example, after exercise the body to restore timely relaxation. The best option relaxation, according to experts, a deep and sound sleep. However, it is important to be able to relax in other circumstances, when sleep is impossible in certain situations.

Three basic ways of relaxation: mental, strong-willed and breathing. Should train themselves and learn how to use one or the other method, depending on the particular situation.

Consider the mental relaxation. In this method, most experts suggest the so-called coachman's posture, which does not strain the body. For this we need to sit down, legs spread apart, lean his elbows on his knees, his head down on his chest and hands down. Pose helps to distract from the issues and all the negative thoughts. Then, an effort must be made to myself to think only about good things.

After a long walking and running around during the day tired and sore feet. Proper foot care includes: the use of medical and cosmetic products, selection of comfortable shoes, gymnastics, baths. Coming home from work, it is advisable to put your tired feet on some support that will be above the level of the head, and before going to bed should be placed under the feet of a rigid roller or pad.

Tone of weary muscles give contrast baths. For it will take two basins, one of which bude poured hot water, and the other cold. Sitting on a chair, legs alternately be omitted in hot water, then cool. This procedure is time lasts 15-20 minutes, and then his legs pounded towel and lubricated with a nourishing cream.

Return legs will cheerfulness massage. Before the procedure should be applied to the feet nourishing cream or emollient oil and start to massage in a circular motion feet, moving from the toes to the ankle.

On tired feet before the massage can be applied ointment containing extract of eucalyptus, camphor or menthol. It is necessary to massage the feet thumbs. In the sitting position, bend at the knee with one foot and put it on his knee the other leg. Right arm, bent into a fist lightly presses his knuckles on the foot, massaging it in a way. Then the fingers of both legs need to bend and unbend, while massaging from the ankle to the knee. Legs should not be massaged if expanded veins.

To improve the health of the body and toning help massaging in a circular motion of the big toe. Eye irritation and fatigue relieve massage foot area located under the middle finger. The feeling when your ears pop, pain in the ears eliminates massage area under the little finger.

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