How to quit smoking and not recover

How to quit smoking and not recover
 Smoking is a scourge of the modern world. Every smoker knows by heart all the consequences, all the numbers and percentages on diseases and deaths caused by cigarettes. And almost everyone smokes openly or secretly wants to get rid of this dependence. But often there is the fear of sudden weight gain.
 The fact that withdrawal from nicotine is likely to gain weight, there is truth. Sometimes, psychologists, doctors are advised not to pay attention to it, they say, after when chemical dependency pass, you can do figure. But here there is a bug in the undertaking way to quit smoking. In this case it is considered necessary as much as possible "listen" to your body and give him what he asks him to indulge in every possible way. As a result, according to one person goes and sits down on the other: always something to chew on, click, chew, suck on hard candy, etc. But after 2-3 weeks the miracle did not happen, people will not give up frequent snacking or permanent employment mouth anything. Because they are commanded not stomach, and brain. This psevdogolod, perennial habit to mouth has always been "in business."

Throwing smoke, of course, necessary, but not every opportunity, and correct. Not bad this topic revealed Allen Carr in his "easy way ...". Westernized style of the text, with the American claim and a touch of suggestion, but robust grain is present. In the classical methodology of quitting this is not observed.

During smoking cessation need to really listen to your body, but in a different way. It is necessary to be happy or positive to realize that coming last nicotine releases every cell. It's not hard earned stomach and demanded food - it just came out sluggish, sleep mode, because it has become a net wash the blood without toxins, rich in pure oxygen rather than gum. Blood has become so because of the magic of the liver, which previously was in a depressed state of poison, laced with strong coffee or tea - allies cigarettes.

You can literally feel the palpable, as are warming the hands and feet, dizziness, and even incomprehensible perceived as a small victory - it's blood vessels finally widened and blood pressure went back to normal (although heavy smokers seem that it is very reduced). The body in a shock, it is not yet fully believe in what the owner permanently deprived of his daily poisoning. About Food Is there to think ?!

Yet, if the old habits of behavior let hard before you can go to the refrigerator to wonder whether there is a famine? Or is it just suddenly appeared free time? You can fill it with emptiness, and can be spent wisely: a walk in the fresh air, dancing, movement. Familiarity with long-forgotten taste, smell. Follow as whiten teeth as improved skin glow appeared, shine in the eyes - it all comes from the very first week!

By the way, almost always for smoking cessation normal metabolism, gut starts to run like clockwork and weight becomes an ideal. And when the body will be improved, then he will require active recreation, sports; strengthen the immune system and increased tone will not let anyone sit still.