How to overcome the spring depression

How to overcome the spring depression
 Spring - the traditional time for depression. This is due to a lack of vitamins, low physical activity after the winter, as well as financial constraints. Need not to delay as soon as possible to begin to restore the health body.
 Seven minutes of passionate hugs and kisses on the eight day - according to scientists, this is the number of tenderness allows producing the hormone oxytocin that protects against disease and stress. Probably for this reason, to avoid depression, experts recommend to activate and pay more attention to a close.

Communication with family and friends gives a much more positive effect than co-workers and bosses, with which most people spend a lot of time. Therefore Meet and chat with family and friends as often as possible.

Psychologists are advised not to go to work with his head. Routine can only exacerbate your state of mind. To prolonged sadness is gone, get active. Enhanced training contribute to generating the active hormone of joy - endorphin. 85% of people who regularly visit gyms, are not aware of a bad mood and stress. Spleen helps banish everything that can cause emotional jolt. This could include the change of image and update the wardrobe, nature walks. Even leisure is not a panacea for all absolutely.

For those who are tired of noisy companies, music and public institutions, we can try to cheer up a familiar way. For example, to do chores around the house or read interesting books. Change of activity always leads to peace of mind.

One reason is the lack of vitamins depression. Therefore mood can raise fruits and sweets, especially in combination with each other. So, for example, a safe bet would be cooked in orange juice and candied pear. However, the hormone of happiness calorie need to get involved to the extent, or in the future, you run the risk of relapse into depression because of the added pounds.

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