Beauty sleep

Beauty sleep
 If you no longer like your reflection in the mirror, if you fall and are cut hair, eyes lost its former luster and vitality, and the skin - resilience - hot in bed! Remedy for you would be ... a dream. Anyone will tell you that during sleep the body recovers and rests. In addition, during sleep, women are more beautiful. Smoothes wrinkles, improves complexion, and even goes the extra weight. The main thing that this dream was a healthy and correct.

The first, and perhaps most importantly - get enough sleep. Scientists around the world still can not decide how much a day to sleep healthy people. Someone easily enough for 6-7 hours, and someone feels frustrated if slept less than 10. This is purely individual, but it is believed that for a fresh appearance of the need for at least 10 hours of sleep. During sleep, the human body growth hormone is produced, which prevents the aging process and helps to recover muscles.

It happens that sleep at the right time does not empty, or vice versa, a full stomach. That it does not bother you, there is a need for the last 2-3 hours before bedtime. Eating just before bedtime can affect your figure. At night, the power consumption greatly decreases, and the calories eaten, instead converted into energy by day, transferred to fat.

If you really wanted to eat, something to satisfy your hunger will help small cup of milk with honey, light green or herbal tea. Black drink strong tea, coffee and even more so, of course, impossible. Keep in mind that a large amount of alcohol consumed necessarily affect the face, morning and swelling under the eyes you can not avoid.

It is very important before bedtime to wash off the face of cosmetics. Do not think that if your skin is just foundation, and it is not visible, and so will descend. The skin should rest for the night to the morning please you with fresh flowers and a lack of wrinkles and under-eye circles. Do not forget to clean after washing her tonic, and put the cream. Only this should be done not just before bedtime.

Hair also needed night's rest. Do not overtighten them at night bands. It's best to buy a comb made of natural materials such as wood and comb your hair before going to bed. Firstly, after the procedure in the morning, they will be less entangled. And secondly, a few minutes combing soothe, tone the scalp and help to cope with stress.

If you want to see the light and pleasant dreams, lay beside the bed dry leaves of lemon balm, lavender or rose petals.

Sleep will be calmer, if the room is the necessary temperature (about 20 degrees), and if it is well ventilated. If the weather does not allow you to sleep with an open window, or at least ventilate the room well before going to bed. The room must be completely dark.

Shortly before bedtime is best to walk a little. Optional arrange long "march" - would be enough for 20-30 minutes.

Follow these simple rules and your body will thank you. And what could be better than ease in the legs, excellent health, vitality and a sense that you are the most beautiful woman in the world?

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