How to survive the stress interview

How to survive the stress interview
 Often to get the coveted job requires a maximum shutter speed and durability. Frankly indifferent reception, and sometimes the lack of tact potential chief can unbalance anyone. How can survive the stress interview?
 Before starting the interview again review your resume to suggest what issues may arise in the future employer to you. For example, a long break from work or frequent changes of places necessarily interested in your interviewer. Be prepared to explain this fact. It is not necessary to refer to the financial problems in a previous job or to get personal, blaming them for the reason of your dismissal.

Record your answers to questions and explain the alleged problem situations. Rehearse the alleged interview with a close friend or someone from friends, even if they ask you various questions (can be tricky). Ask them to name your weaknesses so that you can think of and turn them into advantages.

Check in advance (if possible) with some kinds of scenarios of the interview. If you recognize the tactics of behavior opponent, consider that half won. You will be able to develop its own strategy and eliminate interviewer.

At the interview, stay calm. Creating a stressful situation during the interview, most likely part of a sound clever game, which has its own rules. The aim of this game may be testing how you hold themselves in difficult situations and deal with the psychological pressure. Stress interviews - is a serious test of your determination, confidence, ability to defend their point of view to take criticism.

Do not take difficult questions as a personal insult your dignity. They asked to put you into a dead end, thus forcing to show not the best moral qualities. The strength of these issues in surprise. Pauses before each answer, to collect my thoughts and slander of what others know and do not need. Sometimes stress is just mobilize all forces, and you will easily cope with the difficulties.

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