How to find his calling

How to find his calling
 Go to unloved work, do what do not like - is the highest form of expression of dislike to him and the shortest way to stress. But, it would seem like just choose what the soul, and to be not only successful, but also doubly useful. Why, then, many people do not find their way? Because the choice of the person affected by many factors and circumstances, but the main reason is the difficulty of knowing oneself. Or, in the absence of courage to make a new step towards yourself.
 To find your calling, one must be attentive to the person. It is necessary to learn how to determine in which cases are truly your desire, and in what fashion or dictated by others. We need to clearly know their value and be able to prioritize. And then the choice of the many features will be easier and lead you to success and life satisfaction. Remember that when you show yourself, your "I", you get significant results for you.

To start audited its resources, inclinations, passions. Find what you deliver the greatest pleasure. You can write on a piece of paper all their interests, dreams, starting from childhood. If you still do not know what you like to do, then one way - start trying. Just try on something new, you determine your or not.

Ask yourself what you can do and do what you do best? Ponder which of your skills can be used, and in what area. And what your skills are your special pride and bring you pleasure? To help you, you can interrogate the friends, colleagues, relatives. That, in their opinion, it is possible for you? But this check is not always objective, although it may bring new ideas.

Now, map skills and hobbies. Can they be combined and used in any field? You may feel that you do something is not enough: some knowledge and skills. It may be worth to learn a new way? Do not be alarmed. If the case you really like, then learning will be fun.

Often within you emerge in response to the objections of the desire to find his calling. You may think it is too late, that is something you do not know how, and most importantly, you need to take care of financial support you or a family. This is very different voices fears that seek to protect you from the risks of change. But if you do you cross those fears, you get a lot more benefits than is currently available.

In the next step, try to imagine yourself in 5, 10, 15 years. What would you like to do, what kind of life to lead? What they wanted to achieve, what the interests to implement? In this way you check that you are willing to do all my life, and that - only on the mood. Each case will be good if it will bring satisfaction to you and others to enjoy or benefit.

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