How to find a job without experience

How to find a job without experience
 Find a job without experience is difficult, but very real. At least once in your life, this problem arises in front of many people. Very often such a situation arises under the age of 25 years, when the applicant or student in my last year in high school or just graduated.

You must start a job search with a resume. Regardless of the fact that the point at which is usually described professional way, you will be empty, the summary should be informative. The first line - first and last name. Then contact details: home and mobile phones, as well as e-mail. Then write about your education. Can select forward or reverse chronological order. The first case is more traditional, and the second - it is more convenient for the recruiter. Which one to prefer - is completely at your discretion.

Also, it is worth to write about the achievements during training. If you took some elective courses, and select it. Appropriate references to the victory in the regional or municipal contests and so on., Especially if they are in tune with the direction of official duties inherent in the job for which are applying for. The following paragraph should tell the recruiter that you have no experience. Along with this will certainly write 3-4 facts from his biography or describe a few skills that allow you to apply for this position. Of course, they should be weighty and objective. Subjective data ("I am preparing a delicious" - if applying for a position Cook) ring hollow.

You can send resume to companies that interest you. Their e-mail addresses or fax numbers are on the Internet. Another option - a response to the announcement of the search for staff. Send out resumes, even if the requirements are specified in some experience. In extreme cases a potential employer is not interested in your offer, but if it is made correctly and looks interesting, you have a chance to get an interview. It also makes sense to advertise themselves. This can be done in paper media: newspapers, magazines devoted to employment, or on the websites of relevant topics.

If you are invited for an interview, do not try to play a role as possible to remain himself. Do not overdress, but do not go to a meeting in sportswear. Better to choose a conservative, a little business style or style inherent yuppies. Of course, when you're looking for work in a creative profession (designer, DJ, etc.), Style of dress can be more free.

Communicating with the HR manager, do not try to impress, attributing itself non-existent skills and achievements. Even if such a work, a high risk that their absence will be revealed fairly quickly and to what good it will not.

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