Natural make-up for fair skin

Natural make-up for fair skin
 Competent discreet makeup, emphasizing the natural beauty and natural persons - it is fashionable and stylish. Make-up for fair skin is more difficult, since the owner of dark skin is usually characterized by bright features. Pale beauties of nature are often colorless eyebrows, eyelashes and translucent skin.

Natural makeup to be invisible - that this is his advantage. Start with the proper care and cleanse the skin - light skin is exposed to irritation and inflammation due to its sensitivity. We want to emphasize the beauty and tenderness of the skin, and not to draw attention to its shortcomings, so meticulous care - first and foremost.

To cleansed face, apply a moisturizer - it is a necessary measure to protect from the effects of cosmetics and external factors. Foundation choose delicate shades of pink - so dark areas will be less contrast with the natural areas. If you use a proofreader, then take the product to the lighter shade of foundation.

Secure the base crumbly powder light texture. Choose a shade of powder as close as possible to the natural color of the skin. Powder should not be tinted - no twinkling and sparkling effects.

Emphasize cheekbones gentle light beige blush - apply their broad brush and blend well. Eye shadow should be light - peach shades favorably emphasize transparency light skin. Ink, gray or brown tint eyelashes and black mascara to leave spectacular makeup. Pay attention to the eyebrows - their form should be flawless, color close to your natural shade. Dark eyebrows on light skin too bright stand out and attract attention, so choose a light brown or do without additional funds.

You can use the gel for eyebrows - all hairs are fixed, and the line to get a clear brow. Natural make-up for fair skin involves the use of natural shades of lipstick - the closer to the tone to the natural color of your lips, the better. Do not use lip gloss and contrast pencil. In order not to go beyond the contours of the lips when applying lipstick, you can use the matching colored pencil, but the line must be carefully shaded.

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