Terms and technique applying blush

Terms and technique applying blush
 With blush easily and give a radiant and healthy look even pale skin. Blush make the face expressive and natural, and make-up - complete. Some secrets of correct applying blush on his face.

Choosing a shade of blush, should be guided by the color of skin. For the pale girls are more suitable pale pink shades, whereas tanned can use pink-brown, terracotta blush. Peach shade is considered universal, as it completes the perfect make-up as a pale and dark skin. The main thing is to put the right amount of blush on the cheekbones.

Blush following types: blush powder, cream blush, liquid blush, blush-foam. Technique of each type is different.

Powder blush is very easy to use for women with oily and problematic skin. They even lie down and give the impression of a natural blush. First on the skin should apply a matte powder, and have it apply blush. Due to its dense texture powder blush hide skin imperfections: enlarged pores, black spots. This type of rouge is convenient to mix with each other, finding your perfect shade.

Cream Blush more suitable for dry skin makeup. They contain in their composition further softening and moisturizing ingredients that fight dryness. These are applied blush with your fingertips to drive in light movements on the skin, covered with a leveling base or foundation, on which they are well secured and are held during the day. After that, the person should be powder, blush will look so natural and naturally.

Liquid blush (gels) do not contain oils, they dry quickly. They do not impose on top of powder. It is best to use such rouge on a clean, damp skin. This type of rouge is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Rouge-stick foam on the face longer other species. They are applied to the foundation, and the top covered with powder. They should learn how to be applied to the cheekbones, as they dry instantly. It is better to put a few small dots and quickly distribute them on the cheeks with fingertips. Usually these rouge complete day or evening make-up, they are rarely used as daytime blush because of the complexity of use.

For evening make-up perfectly suited blush brilliantly, they will give the skin a natural flickering. Summer version - blush, bronzers, which enhance the tan.

Equipment applying blush:

- First, determine the face area that need to apply blush. Pick up a mirror and a wide smile, showing his teeth. Those round "apples", formed with a smile - this is the area of ​​the cheeks, which should Ruddy.

- The basic rule applying blush - it is better to put them less than more, otherwise you risk to be like matryoshka cheeked. This makeup may look comical.

- If your face is round, then apply blush on the cheekbones to the temples, if stretched - from the temples to the cheeks.

- Combine with the color shade of blush lipstick makeup for integrity. To fit pink lipstick pale pink blush, coral or apricot shades of lipstick complement peach blush, to the red and scarlet lipsticks suit pink and red blush, brown lipstick shades accentuate bronze blush.

- Dry blush convenient to apply a broad brush of natural hair, liquid applied by fingertips.

With rouge can not only emphasize cheekbones, but also to adjust the face oval, visually correct shape of the nose. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and to look for a better option makeup.

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