Natural makeup

 The main rule of a good makeup - to emphasize the natural beauty. This season, the most current trend makeup - do not create anything odd, but only highlight its main advantages. Despite the fact that the annual turnover in the beauty industry is a multi billion dollar, the best make-up - the almost complete lack of it.  

Even the young and beautiful girls are interested in the secrets of makeup to further improve their appearance. It does not matter how old you are - 16 or 60 - looks for women is important at any age. Appearance - and hence the makeup.

Makeup reflects not only the fashion trends, but also your character and personality. In other words, "If you do not look, you do not feel good."

There are some basic rules of skin care that will help to reduce the makeup to a minimum.

-Every Evening clean the skin

-Although To three times a week, make peeling

-Staraytes Rarely use cosmetics

-Uhazhivayte For eyebrows and maintain their shape

Some secrets of natural makeup:

Uniformly paint eyebrows and draw a thin outline in pencil along the lash line - so you will look much younger, and his eyes shine brightly.

-Staraytes Achieve consistency between the color of hair and eyebrows. Use the tonal basis only on those areas of the skin where it is needed. Carefully spread the tone fingertips to obtain a uniform natural color.

-In This season make-up is designed in retro style, it has become more feminine and sexy - languishing eyes and red lips. This makeup style requires great skill, otherwise you risk to look vulgar.

-Do Not abuse the tonal foundation or blush. Remember that beauty should be natural.

-Garmonichny Makeup - the key to a beautiful appearance. If you highlight your eyes, do not stress the lips, and vice versa.