Makeup in the style of Gwen Stefani

Makeup in the style of Gwen Stefani
 Famous singer Gwen Stefani attracts many fans not only for its musical creativity, but also quite spectacular appearance. And make-up is one of the most striking elements of its individual style. Makeup in the style of this star is perfect to you if you are a self-confident woman, as well as a singer.  

Firstly, Gwen is not a fan of the Sun, preferring pale aristocratic face, which strongly emphasizes. This will require you to powder by 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Cosmetics should be applied generously wide brush on the face and on the neck, as well as, if required by your outfit on décolleté.

Second, pay attention to the eyebrows of Gwen Stefani. Despite the fact that the blonde girl, she certainly draws graceful classical arched eyebrows dark pencil. If it is necessary, first Adjust your eyebrows with tweezers or trimmer. Use an eyebrow pencil dark brown shades, in any case, not black. Pencil should be applied to pre-combed thin eyebrows are not a solid line and the small touches, which then needs to be slightly shaded special brush.

Third, an important element of make-up Gwen Stefani is the emphasis on the eyes. To do this, use a flesh-colored shadows, as well as a couple of shades darker than his. Lighter shade put on the area under the brow and dark - on the upper eyelid close to the lash line. Then a special applicator blend the boundaries of two colors, to get a smooth transition from one color to another. At the very end, always use eyeliner dark brown. Pencil should be applied on top, and lower eyelids. Line liner should also be a little shade. Complete eye makeup applying mascara dark brown.

Fourth, the singer lipstick dark lipstick and never used luster. To do this, select burgundy, deep red or cherry shade of makeup. First Outline contour of the lips with a pencil on one tone darker lipstick colors selected. And only then apply lipstick itself in two layers.

To complete his image can also do her hair, like Gwen Stefani. By the way, make her style will be equally beneficial to look like blondes and brunettes on.

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